22 December 2014

Rod Setting Challenge Style #1: The FAUX Tapered Fro.

I absolutely LOVE short hair! I adore it! It's so fun and sassy and.. "Rrr.." That was me rolling my tongue to a cat's purr. In case you didn't know. But, yeah. I love short hair. I just can't bring myself to cut my own. It's such a commitment and I don't want to be married to such a "permanent" style. I know my zeal would be short lived. I'd be all stoked at first, but within a matter of weeks, possibly even days, I'd be over it and ready for something different. And I'm sure I'd be just short of hating myself for doing it.
So. On to plan "B". In order to apease my short attended interest for a sassy cropped 'do on my medium length hair without regret, I decided to fake the look. By using perm rods. This tapered curly 'fro can be achieved by rolling your hair using a certain technique and rods in graduating diameters.

Start by parting your hair in three parts with a mohawk down the middle. Starting at the base of your head in the middle section, use the tiniest of rods, and roll the hair in thin sections horizontally. Then work your way up that middle section using slightly larger rods as you get closer to the front/top. I used the rods that are circled in the above photo. I found that I did not get curls as big as I wanted at the front. Next time I will probably use either the peach or orange rods to the right to get a bigger curl.

After completing the middle section, start on one of the sides using the tiny rods at the base once again. For whatever reason, I only had like 4 of my tiny rods (the yellow and blue), so I used my next size up. The light pink ones. Getting closer to the top, I started using the white rods. 

You do not have to use these exact colored rods. The point is to just use tiny rods at the base and larger rods at the top.

Normally I prefer to air dry my hair, but for to dry this particular style, I spent HOURS under my soft bonnet dryer. These things take a while to dry since you are overlapping the hair multiple times as you roll.

As I am doing this Rod Setting Challenge, I am also testing out different product combinations to see which I think provides the better, softer, longer lasting set. For this set, I used a mixture of conditioner/water to keep my hair hydrated during the process. My conditioner of choice was Giovanni Direct Leave-In Weightless Moisture Conditioner. I used Argan Oil EcoStyler Gel for hold and castor oil to prevent the crunchies.

After taking the rods out, separate the curls then use a pick (not shown) to add height and shape the hair at the top to give it more of the tapered affect.

For night time maintenance you can use a bonnet or tie a scarf around your hair. Then in the morning, just fluff and pick out to your liking.
I'm digging this. My Style #1 of this 3 Month Rod Setting Challenge. Hoping to get at least 3-4 days out of this. Then on to Style #2.

21 December 2014

Six Month Rod Setting Challenge for 2015?

Nah. Let's just do three. One constant thing about me is that I am always wanting to change. My look, that is. I get bored with the same old, same old. At times I have tons of inspiration for how I want to look. And at others, I'm in a complete rut. Right now, I'm kind of... eh.

So I started thinking of how I wanted to ring in the new year- a curly head, a straight head, a locks or braids or twists head. I opted for the curls. Curls assisted by none other than the hundreds of rods (flexirods and perm rods) I have tucked away (not so) nicely in my stash. Like seriously, I have rods! Long rods, short rods, fat rods, skinny rods. You name it, I probably got it. I've got rods for days. So why not put 'em to use?

Depending on the size of the rod and the technique used, perm rods and flexirods can offer you a ton of different looks. Not to mention the ever trusty puff that you can fall back on once the set starts to die. Anywho, as I'm typing, I have already completed my first rod set of the challenge which I will be posting tomorrow. Can't wait to show you guys the results! Technically I wanted to start this challenge at the beginning of 2015. But following along the lines of Pastor Jackson, 2015 starts now. Here's to hoping I don't get too bored with this until Tuesday, March 17th. 

Join me?

30 October 2014

They Say If You Stay Ready.

About a month ago some friends and I attended the Bacon Festival on River Street. I like attending events like that here in Savannah as it brings out all types of people. Families, couples, kids- just a street full of people ready to indulge in the different offerings from the restaurants around town. 

While out enjoying the festivities, a young lady approached me and asked to take my picture. Er?? She explained to me that she was a photographer trekking across the country photographing things that she found visually appealing. And at the end of her travels, she was going to put together a book of all her favorite images. Oh? And you want me to be a part? Cool!

I was wearing this dress and hat combo and she really liked my style. She photographed me, thanked me for my cooperation, handed me her business card, and left.
Dress: Asos, buy similar here
Sandals: Forever21
Hat: JC Penny, buy similar here and here
Purse: Express
Necklace: Express

I have to say, it did make me feel a little odd. Being put on the spot like that. For all the photos I take of myself, I am seriously uncomfortable in front of someone else's camera. I mean, what do I do? With my hands? My face? Do I smile? I don't know! When I take my own pics, I have at least 10 minutes or so (if I'm in a rush) set aside just to snap pics with hopes of getting a couple out of the bunch that I really like. But to have someone walk up to me and say, "Hey. You. Pose." Um... complete deer in headlights. But, a privilege, nonetheless.
Out of all of this, the part that really stuck out to me, was when she handed me her business card. Although our world today is very digital and everything is mostly done online, there is something to be said for the hand to hand contact of a business card. This was her "phone number", her "forwarding address", a way to get in touch with her. And follow her. Something every business owner should have. Just because you never know who you will come across or come in contact with.  Not everyone is going to remember your Instagram name or write down your email. But by handing them that small little card stock of a rectangle, you're giving them a guide to everything that is your name, your business, and your brand.

I took her business card. Then kind of kicked myself for not having my own to hand to her. I mean, I have it designed. It's been designed for months. I just haven't taken the time to actually get them made. I'd say it's one part laziness, and one part uncertainty. I rebranded TLSG at the beginning of the year, and now I'm at some sort of a standstill. I still love her. Just not entirely sure where I want to go with her.

Either way, next time I should be ready, with card in hand. That way I won't have to get ready.

Bacon Fest.

Yes, I've been absent for a while. You all know when I disappear, it's usually work related. Well, work and life. And I always say how I plan to get back on track, get more consistent, etc, etc. Well. I won't say that this time. You all know my intentions. Maybe one day, I will find a way to balance it all out.

Until then, here are a few pics from the Bacon Festival some friends and I went to.... about a month ago?? Either way, it's food, it's friends- and you know I was down.

A bacon festival is just what it was. They had bacon everything! Candied bacon, bacon wrapped shrimp, bacon wrapped hotdogs. I was down for it all. Until I heard there was a bacon brownie. Now that's where I draw the line. Some things I just can't get with. And a $4 bacon brownie is it. You can have that.

03 September 2014


A specil 'Thank you' to all the wonderful readers of That Little Southern Girl. Admittedly, I don't post as much as I'd like but I appreciate you sticking with me. I do believe that I have valuable things to say and I am humbled that you take the time out of your day to partake. It is very much noted.

Thank you so very much.

Love always,

01 September 2014

Feeling Like a Lady.

Seems all I've done lately is work. Day after day, I don ill fitting green scrubs and head to the hospital. Every now and then, I just want to put on a pretty little dress and feel like a lady.

Dress: SheInside.com, buy here
Shoes: ALDO (old), buy similar here
Wristlet: Express (old), buy similar here and here

Saturday night Erica and I went to Chive Seabar & Lounge downtown Savannah for dinner. It was our second time going there and our second time being completely pleased with our experience. The decor, the food, the service- all superb. And since we love seafood, Chive was perfect for our chill little date night.

My hair, well I'm still rocking crochet braids. I've been meaning to post on them. I guess I will if anyone is interested. Nothing really extraordinary about the process, but the style that I'm wearing, I am absolutely in LOVE with. My hair crush of the moment is Shateria Morgane-el creator of Front Row Couture. I think she is ABSOLUTELY stunning and I attempted to recreate the look of her signature blond/dark brown tresses using Marley braid hair. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

For more of the beautiful Shateria, check out her Instagram here. Suuuuch a beauty!

11 August 2014

Up Next.

Ooooh, my dear tlsg friends. It has been a while, hasn't it? Well, I do have a couple of things I would like to share with you all. Like, my hair, for one. It's not finished at the moment which is why I wore a hat to church yesterday. But, I think I'll dig it when I'm done.

 Top: Express, buy here
Pants: Forever21, buy similar here and love these here

Hat: Forever21, buy similar here
Necklace: Express, buy similar here and here
Rings: Charlotte Russe, assorted varieties here
Bracelet: my fave from my dear friend Erica
Shoes: GoJane.com, buy here

Now I am not a huge fan of long hair, particularly on myself.  But I am sooooo in love with this beautiful style worn by @ishateria and was itching to recreate it. Once I'm done, I'm sure I'll trim it a bit. Maybe a little longer than my shoulders.

The style that I'm wearing is crochet braids or latch hook braids. I've worn this style a number of times. Even documented it here on my YouTube channel. Anywho, it's a fairly quick, easy, and cheap way to achieve a variety of different looks, so I thought, 'why not'? 

Look for a post documenting this exact style... soon?
Something else I'd like to share with you all is my recent sermon. Nooo, I kid, I kid. Not a sermon. But I was asked to teach Bible Study last Wednesday. I have been in Leadership Training for some months now at my church and the Pastors have been asking all of the leaders in training to teach Sunday School or Bible Study. 'Cause there's no need in us sitting in the pews, week after week, getting all we can get and not be prepared to share. So... yeah. I'm not going to say too much more about it now. But yes, I am ready to share that with you all.

I'm also trying new recipes to share with you all. The last one, I photographed and was all hyped about sharing. It um... Yeah, you won't ever see it. Ha!

I've tried to curb my spending lately, but there are still some items in my closet with tags on them, so I hope to have more Fashion Fix posts for you. I am in an odd place with my fashion lately. I bounce back and forth between wanting to dress grown (whatever that is) since I will be 30 this year and dressing edgy and trendy. I am also exploring what I think is conservative sexy while also presenting myself modestly and pleasing before the Lord. I'm still weeding that out.

As I'm rattling off all these posts I want to bring to you guys, I honestly can't say when I'll get around to it. Always busy, right? I'm working a crazy amount of hours over the next week or so. I have projects I need to do, personal, for friends, for church. And my friend Alexis will be done soon for some much needed girl's time. So, if I dip out on you guys for a while, you know why.

I'll be back though.

But can we just note how awesomely this blond hair curled? Uh-huh. I see ya.

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