This jumpsuit is soooo hip, right? Hip. That's an old word, huh? I like it. I plan to use it often with my (future) kids. To embarrass them. I lowkey feel that's what parenting is all about.
Jumpsuit: TOBI, buy here
Choker: TOBI, buy here
Heels: Steve Madden
Sticking with my love of wide legged silhouettes, when the lovely staff from Tobi offered me my pick of goodies from their site, this was one of the items I really wanted in my closet. It's denim, wide legged, and brings just the right amount of funk!
My biggest regret was not knowing my proper size with the brand. Being that this was my first time ordering from them, I opted to err on the side of caution and order a size small as the measurements for x-small seemed to play it a little close. Unfortunately, I don't feel this size was the most flattering on myself. I took a little needle and thread and added darting at the waist to pull it in a little and cut about two inches off the bottom as it was not only too big but too long as well. I choose to leave them hem unfinished to add a little more cool once it starts to fray.

For reference, I am 5'2 1/2" and 115 lbs. Feel free to use me as a little size guide should you decide to purchase from Tobi. I'm almost certain that if I'd ordered a size down, this would easily be one of my favorite items in my arsenal.
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Had a friend tell me once that my wardrobe consists heavily of wide legged, loose fitting trousers. As I started to raise my finger in protest, I realized he was right. I put that little finger back down. Heeeey!
Top: Choies
Pants: TOBI, buy here
Shoes: Forever21

That's my style. My go to. My comfort. So when the lovely staff at Tobi contacted me for a collaboration, allowing me to choose items from their site to add to my wardrobe, I was instantly drawn to these lovely flowing gaucho pants. I think the major selling point of these pants was the delicate lace detailing mid thigh. That, coupled with it being one of my faves, navy blue, I was completely sold. Yes! Those please!
I wore them on a warm spring afternoon as I did a little household shopping. Comfortable and cool. My only complaint is that they are a tiny bit too long for my barely 5'3" frame. So I couldn't really wear them low on my waist like I wanted to without getting all tripped up. Y'all know I'm clumsy.

Other than that, I love!  You can purchase them here.They're currently on sale for only 14 bucks! Check out more light and flowing pieces to add to your summer wardrobe from Tobi. Pants T-shirt Dresses Tank Tops Skater Dresses

To make the pot even sweeter, new customers get 50% off their first purchase!

I haven't here written in a while.
Maybe you've noticed.
Maybe you haven't.