13 June 2015


To know me is to know that I like quiet. Cozy. Comfortable. Chill.

I enjoy nights at home alone. Where I can order pizza, or paint my nails, or binge watch Netflix and OnDemand (Speaking of, have you seen "Mr. Robot"? Oh my gaaaaah!). I like lighting beautifully scented candles, lying on the floor, and writing in my notebook. I like trying out new craft projects stumbled upon on Pinterest. I like re-styling my hair (technically I don't like the act of re-styling. I just like trying out new looks), like the one showcased here. I like snapping pics and posting on my blog.

Simply put, I like being in my home. Alone. It's a real feel good time for me. I think this is directly related to the fact that I spend sooooooo much time at work. And when I get a moment to unwind in my own space, it is just the peace that my mind, body, and spirit needs. To regroup. Refocus. Re... center?

Anywho. This morning, I packed a suitcase and headed out west. I mean, really now. Can't stay in my apartment forever.
01 June 2015


Audrey pointed something out to me a couple of years ago. During a conversation between the two of us, I expressed my apprehension with accepting the fact that God had given me talents. Real talents to use. I was afraid of attempting new tasks without being sure of the outcome. I always thought I was afraid of failing. After my heart to heart with her, I've now realized it may be just the opposite.
14 May 2015

TRAVEL || New York City.

Officer of the fine NYPD near Ground Zero, and random photo bomber

For the most part, I am pretty much a homebody. I like to be chill and comfortable. Over the past two weeks, I've done more traveling than I'd done in the past two months. It was a lot for me. And although I was more than ready to come back to my little quiet corner in the south by the trip's end, I have to say, The Big Apple definitely has a bit of this little peach's heart.
13 April 2015

LIFESTYLE || Pose 'n Post Symposium.

And exhale. It's been too long, my friends. I really don't have to tell you all that it's been a long time since I last posted here. You know it. And you know the reason. Work, work, and more work. It always seems to be work. Right? Hm. Well after my last work week clocking in at over 100 hours, it was so time to get out and enjoy myself.

Meet Sandria!

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