26 January 2015

STYLE || Shooting A Little Indoors.

It's been pretty cold here lately. Well, I mean, it's not freezing, but 30 degrees for this little southern girl is cold enough. Liiiike, it's cold enough for my electric bill to have gone up $70 to heat my joint. And this cold plus the rain, yeah, that's enough for me to shoot my attire indoors. I apologoze for the monotony of this laundry room door backdrop and the lack of any interesting decor. I'm currently in the process of cleaning out, throwing out, and organizing my living space. So. The door is what you get. I'll spruce it up. Eventually. But in the meantime..

20 January 2015

NATURAL HAIR || What I've Learned So Far.

As I mentioned in this post, I'm on a 3 Month Rod Setting Challenge. Partially for style variety and partially to find what works for my hair. I've been on this challenge just shy of a month and I've already discovered 3 very valuable tips for creating my perfect rod set. Well, I think so. I'm currently still testing it out. But, this set has been my best to date, so!
19 January 2015

HEALTH + BEAUTY || Erica Said This Works.

If you've been following my blog for any amount of time, you probably are well aware that when it comes to properly manicuring and mainting a glistening set of shiny, colored fingernails, I'm so not the man for the job. While I can apply a solid coat of polish somewhat decently (that took a lot of time and practice as well), the busy body tomboy in me won't allow me to sit still long enough for it to properly dry. But! Because I like the feminiity and overall "polished" look of a well attended set of phalanges and can't really justify dishing out $15 plus tip every week to have my hands and nails filed, shaped, soaked, painted, etc, I continue to try. My dear friend Erica recently told me about her latest "Get Dry Quick" find. And I was game to try it out!
01 January 2015


Thursday, January 1st, 2015. It's just another day. Nothing new. Right? I mean, it's a new day every 24 hours. Why is today so special?

Allow me to tell you why. We live in an era where everything is measured, graded, and evaluated using a number system. For instance, the dollar amount your job says you're worth per hour. Or the miles per hour at which the interstate caps as an allowed speed to drive. Or the monthly tally of the electricity you've used in your living quarters and then the corresponding bill that you must pay. (If you want to keep your lights on, that is. If not, eh, that's up to you. I ain't judging.) But seriously. Everything is weighed on a number scale. Which is why January 1st is so important. Sure it's just one more 24 hour period you've lived through from the morning of December 31st til just past midnight, but it is also a very vital time marker in the course of one's life.

25 December 2014

INSPIRATION || Sunday the Sky was Gray.

Ecclesiastes 9:10
Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest.

This past Saturday we had a meeting at church. Pastor Jackson asked us all to grade ourselves on our performance concerning things we have been appointed to do, asked to do, and even volunteered to do. My grade... not passing. The meeting was centered around the above scripture, Ecclesiastes 9:10. Whatever you do, DO IT! And with all your might. The first part of the scripture is what he mainly focused on, but the second half is vital as well. You can't take any of it with you to the grave. So utilize all you have while you're here. Do something. Do it big. Grand. Bold. Leave your mark. Go to the grave empty. Having held nothing back.

22 December 2014

NATURAL HAIR || Rod Setting Challenge Style #1: The FAUX Tapered Fro.

I absolutely LOVE short hair! I adore it! It's so fun and sassy and.. "Rrr.." That was me rolling my tongue to a cat's purr. In case you didn't know. But, yeah. I love short hair. I just can't bring myself to cut my own. It's such a commitment and I don't want to be married to such a "permanent" style. I know my zeal would be short lived. I'd be all stoked at first, but within a matter of weeks, possibly even days, I'd be over it and ready for something different. And I'm sure I'd be just short of hating myself for doing it.

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