09 February 2016

LIFESTYLE| Prepare 3 Meals in 1 Day and Have Dinner the Whole Week!

For someone who doesn't love cooking and quite frankly isn't very good at it, this marathon of a cooking fest I undertook this past Sunday night/Monday morning was quite ambitious. I've been meaning to do this kind of meal prep for a while, but never really acted on it until last week.

05 February 2016

LIFE'S COMMENTARY|| 9 Things I Absolutely Suck At That I'm Totally Okay Admitting.

Being a young, educated, dope black millennial woman, there are certain standards of BeyoncĂ© flawless and eyebrows on fleek that society and the powers of Instagram hold me to. If at any moment I come half stepping, I know the eye of the beholder will shoot daggers at me, letting me know that I'm not worthy of the call.

02 February 2016

TRUTH|| Trust God's Outcome.

A few months ago I taught Bible Study at my church, Faith on the Move International Ministries. Allow me to share a little of the lesson I taught.