22 September 2015

LIFESTYLE|| Work It Out.

In my life, there are two things that have notoriously prevented me from being truly great. They are procrastination and inconsistency. These two things are forfeitures of my own and I can't blame anyone else for how they have affected my life. Because of my lack of discipline in these two areas, I am completely aware that the responsibility of my greatness (or my failure to accomplish) falls solely on myself.

07 September 2015

STYLE|| The First Sunday in September.

Haven't posted here in a while. Just wanted to pop in and say "What's up?"

01 September 2015

GOOD VIBES: "Four Pink Walls" by Alessia Cara & "Cheers to the Fall" by Andra Day .

One thing I absolutely love to do to is get lost in is some cool, clean, sensual melodic vibes. These two albums do just that and take me just there.

31 August 2015

STYLE|| Summer to Fall.

I recently entered a contest sponsored by LaShoundra, fashion blogger at Young at Style. The contest was to demonstrate how you would transition your summer wardrobe into the fall season. I opted to go for a simple palette of gray but substitute my summer time light colored shoes, lip, and sunglasses, to darker hues for the fall. I also threw on a lightweight maxi cardigan that I'm sure I will use quite often this fall to layer with.

25 August 2015

STYLE|| At Monterey Square.

As I was driving around downtown last Wednesday on my way to Bible Study, I came across the most picturesque square in Savannah that I've ever laid my eyes on. What's a girl to do other than stop and partake?

24 August 2015

STYLE|| My First Time.

I've had this skirt a while. Years, even. I bought it at a year end blowout sale for like 10 bucks, maybe. I've just never worn it before. Mainly because of the fit. The waist was too big. Not sure why it took me so long to think of this, but Friday afternoon, I put the little bit of sewing skills I have to good use and emerged with something that fits me almost like a glove.

21 August 2015

TRUTH|| God Will Do It. If You Let Him.

Here's the thing. I talk about God on my blog. Quite a bit, actually. But when I do, it's usually just in general. I hardly ever give specific examples of my faith in my every day life. Well, recently I found myself in a predicament where I surely had to depend on God. And he proved himself greater than I even expected. Sit a bit while I tell you all about it.