25 February 2015

LIFESTYLE || The Notebook.

".. be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.." -Romans 12:2

Not quite sure if it's me turning 30 years old, the new year, or just being simply tired of the way I was living my life, but recently I've had a resurgence in my overall view of how I've been managing my day to day life. And it's really been working for me.
24 February 2015

STYLE || Big Bear.

This past weekend I went to Atlanta to celebrate with my cousin for her upcoming nuptials. Although Atlanta is still in the south, the weather they've been having lately doesn't particularly agree with the core body temperature of tlsg. Thankfully I ordered and received this coat from SheInside.com just in time to make the trip.

I call this my new addition to my closet Big Bear.
17 February 2015

STYLE || Flats.

As much as I love donning a feminine pair of 5" inch heels, the way my life is set up, heels are absolutely NOT an everyday type of deal. I love bopping about comfortably but also looking cute while doing so. With spring and warmer days right around the corner, I'm just itching to ditch the thick tights and socks combo and just rock a cute pair of flats solo.

These are purchases from last year's super duper holiday clearance sales. Can't wait to pop tags!

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