a comic strip!a comic strip! a comic strip! 

I sort of have an obsession. Obsession? Well, maybe that's too strong of a word. Let's just say, I have a heightened interest in my hair. Yeah. I like that. And since this is something that I could go on and on about, I will try my best to keep it short. It started almost two years ago. June 4th, 2009. I was fed up with the short, brittle, uneven, dry, always breaking hair that was growing from my head. So I cut it. To even it up. Looking disgustedly at my unappealing barely shoulder length hair, I cut it to a somewhat chin length bob. My bangs were pretty much nonexistent from the over abuse and incorrect use of a flat iron. I took pictures to mark the beginning of the end (of bad hair care practices). They're represented as the first strip in the pictures (facing forward and a side picture of my ponytail). Immediately after cutting, I put my hair in a sew in weave. I wore sew ins back to back for almost a year. I used this as a protective style (stick around and you'll hear more about protective styling. I'm sure). After one year, I took progress pictures to see how far I'd come. This is represented by the middle strip of pictures. The last strip I took 1 1/2 years after my hair journey began.

So there you have it. 1 1/2 years summed up in my second post on this blog. I could really go into detail about my hair journey right now, but I won't so as not to cause hair overload. But my journey is not over. Far from it. And that's basically because it's not really a journey at all. Meaning that I am not viewing this as me starting at point A in anticipation of reaching a predestined point B. It's more of.. a "lifestyle" change. The healthy hair care practices I've learned and am still learning are practices that I will take with me throughout my life. Not just until I reach point B.

A few little tidbits I've relied heavily upon for information and inspiration.

1) Hair boards and forums: a community of others sharing their stories, trial & error, hair journeys, etc. A few forums that get mentioned often are Black Hair Media Forum, Long Hair Care Forum , Hairlista , and KISS. (I am a member of Black Hair Media Forum).

2) YouTube: the video sharing website has a wealth of information on healthy hair care (and almost every other topic known to man) and numerous women who offer inspiration on growing hair long and healthy. A quick search on hair could easily end up taking up half of your day. My YouTube channel.

3) Fotki: this photo sharing website is quite popular amongst the hair boards. This is where hair "journeys" are documented in the form of pictures. It serves to offer much needed encouragement in your personal journey. Especially on those days when you feel you hair "just IS NOT growing". Looking back to see how far you've come is very reassuring. My Fotki.

So there you have it. Hopefully I was able to offer some source of inspiration and assist in providing you with a starting point on your "journey".

Until next time, Sandria.


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