Yes! One of my favorite past times the day after pay day is logging onto the websites of some of my favorite stores and going clearance shopping. A few sites that I frequent are Forever21, Express, Target, and Macy's. When I go to these sites, I don't shop the "New Arrivals." No, my friend. I go to the Womens, Juniors, and Petites sections and click on The Clearance Tab!! Yes! This is where the shopping goes down. 

For me, it's almost a puzzle. A game. A treasure hunt. A challenge. My shopping motto is to get "the best for the least". And I like quantity. So this particular day, I spent maybe an hour clicking through tabs and numerous pages in the Junior clearance section of to see how many quality pieces I could get without breaking the bank. I ended up with ten pieces all for under one hundred dollars!!!

What did I end up with?
2 dresses
3 T-shirts
1 cardigan
3 pairs of shoes 
1 pair of shorts

Exact total (before taxes) $99.49
Shipping was $22.99, but since I spent over a certain amount, it was free.

Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Drop Waist w/Drawstring Dress- Black

Just in time for summer in southern Georgia, this lightweight cotton dress is perfect for a sunny afternoon at the park or a nighttime stroll on the beach.

Retail:   $15
I paid:   $10.5

Xhiliration Juniors Challis Short- White Floral

I love the vibrant colors and the soft flowing material of these shorts.

Retail:   $14.99
I paid:   $10.48

Xhiliration Dark Brown Tertia Heeled Oxford

I'm not usually a fan of kitten heels on myself, but these shoes were just too precious to pass up.

Retail:   $
I paid:   $10.48

Xhilirations Juniors Lace Cardigan Sweater- Media Blue

 My favorite color is blue and one of my favorite colors to wear is navy blue. Being that I have an obsession with lace and cardigans, this little number here was a win, win, win for me all the way! The sleeves are not stretchy so rolling them up is quite uncomfortable. However the material is light so wearing the sleeves down pose no problem.

Retail:   $19.99
I paid:   $9.98

License Juniors Let's Visit Texas Tee- Natural

Anyone that's known me within the last few years knows that I was obsessed with moving to Texas. Thought this shirt was so cute so I nabbed it quickly!

Retail:   $
I paid:   $6.98

Dolce Vita for Target Black Vita Ankle Boot

Boots? Why did I buy boots for sunny southern Georgia weather? Well, I'd been wanting a pair of black ankle boots for a while. And these were on sale. I may not get too much wear out of them within the next few months, but... they were on sale. I did wear them a few weeks ago to Bible study as the temperature had dropped a bit.

Retail :  $ 34.99
I paid :  $12.24

Mossimo Black Black Libby Gem Stone Flip

Every southern girls knows that you can get through a whole summer with just a good pair of flip flops. I definitely had to add these to my collection as they're versatile enough to wear on a shopping trip during the day and then right into date night hours later. My camera didn't seem to capture the "dressy-ness" of the sparkly gem stones on the straps that gives this flip so much character.

Retail:   $12.99
I paid:   $12.99

License Juniors All America Tee- Heather Grey

Honestly, I bought this tee because I had nine items in my shopping cart and wanted to see if I could get a tenth and stay under one hundred dollars. That was really my only reason for getting this shirt. But when I tried it on, I fell in love with it. The material is so soft and it fits great. I love how pairing it with a pair of black skinny jeans gives me this skater girl look.

Retail:   $
I paid:   $ 3.48

 Xhiliration Juniors Ruffle Sleeveless Dress- Navy Blue

It's navy blue. It has ruffles. It's sleeveless. I really needed no other reasons to buy.

Retail:   $
I paid:   $ 15.38


License Junior Part Time Blogger Tee- Gold

Self explanatory.

Retail:  $
I paid:  $ 6.98

I wasn't able to get the retail prices on all of the pieces as some of them had already sold out, but I do believe that I saved almost 40% on my total purchase. It was a good shopping day.


  1. oooh! Where can I get that blogger t-shirt?? I love it!

  2. Everything in this post was purchased online at It was a few months ago though, so can't guarantee that they're still in stock.


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