A couple of weeks ago, I went to see one of my church members, Mali Music, in concert. One of my favorite songs that he sings is "Yahweh". It's a simple song that reminds us that all the glory belongs to God. We can't take credit for anything. All we are, all we have, all we've accomplished, all we've done, all we've encountered, all we've avoided, all we've gained, all we've lost; in all of our lives, the glory belongs to God. It's all because of him and his grace and mercy that we ARE. So for that reason, we sing to him the highest praise. Hallelujah!

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Mali Music


  1. A few of my friends on Facebook have talked about Mali Music in their status updates...maybe I should check it out.

  2. He's a quite unconventional artist with a love of music and a love for God. Definitely check him out. A quick YouTube search on his music can have you glued to the computer for hours. Believe me. I know firsthand. Lol!


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