Where have I been? I can't believe I hadn't heard this before.

A back story, you ask? Sure.

Sunday. Easter Sunday. Resurrection Sunday. After all the little ones skipped, pranced, hopped, ran, and crawled to the front of the church in their fresh hair cuts and bouncy pigtails to recite their "Happy Easter Day" speeches, the teens proceeded to do an interpretive dance to "In the Words (of Satan)" sung by the South African female duo, The Arrows. This song is... in the words of Satan. It's a very real song. Depicting how Satan, Lucifer, the Father of All Lies uses peers, the media, circumstances, or whatever else he can use to paint for us the "pretty" picture of what he wants us to believe is the answer. The enemy is not going to just blatantly say "If you go to this party and drink hard alcohol from the time you step in the door until the time you leave then hop in your car and drive home, it's possible you could hit an innocent driver consequently causing their untimely death." No way. He'll tell you "It's just one drink. You know your limits. You can stop before you get there." Or he won't say to you "Sweetie, by giving your body sexually to these men, you're depreciating your self worth and five years down the road you're going to have male trust issues and succumb to a severe clinical depression because of it." Of course not. He'll say "He's the starting quarterback. And he's fine. If you sleep with him and maybe a couple of his friends, you'll definitely become the popular girl." Looks good on the front end, right? You know. Before the depression hits. And before the car accident. That's what he does. He's the master deceiver. Since the Garden of Eden. He tries to appeal to the self satisfaction of the present moment without showing the bigger picture. The end result. The dead end he leads to. If we could all literally see just what it is he's trying to do, we would all emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, and physically pack our bags and run away as fast as we can and as far as we can from his deceptive web of lies. All lies.

"There is a path before each person that seems right, but it ends in death." Proverbs 14:12 (NLT)

A couple of lines in this song that make me go "Whoooo!"

"'Cause you like it. Sin feels gooood for the ego."

"And all the time I'm winding you up like my perfect little puppet. You're my favorite robot."


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