It's no secret. I change my hair quite often. And because the changes can be so drastic, it's kind of an ongoing joke at church as to who, in "Black Hollywood" I am that week. Since I started attending this church about a year and a half ago, I have been the singer/dancer Mya, the late great Aaliyah, the timeless beauty Halle Berry, the up and coming Keri Hilson, the ride or die Keyshia Cole, the actress Shanti Lowry (better known as Dione on the hit TV series, "The Game"), and repeatedly, the singer/actress/DJ/little sister to Beyonce, Solange Knowles. Well, this past Sunday, I received, what I took to be quite a compliment. This Sunday, I was Joan Clayton. Not Tracee Ellis Ross, but Joan Clayton; Ms. Ross's character on the cleverly written sitcom "Girlfriends" that spoke (and still speaks) to African American women of all backgrounds. While I do feel that Ms. Ross has a very unique style, I humbly accept the reference to Ms. Clayton as I have been a fan of her style for years. It's refined and classic, a tad bit edgy, has a hint of Bohemian flair, but always, always, always super classy.

Ironically, for this particular look, I had neither Ms. Ross nor Ms. Clayton in mind. This style was actually directly taken from a look that was worn by Ms. Laiqah Slamdien on her blog Lucky Packet. While I do pride myself on being an original, I have to give credit where credit is due. I literally recreated her look. Literally. From wearing the vibrant multi-patterned maxi dress as a high waist skirt to the bubble-esque flowy neutral colored blouse. I even mimicked the use of minimal, somewhat understated accessories. Looking back at her photos, I now see that she also wore a slim clutch. I honestly didn't recall seeing that particular piece when first noticing her look. But I dunno. Maybe I did. Subconsciously. And copied that as well. Hm.

This little photo session was accompanied by the melodic harmonizing of this wonderful all girl group I recently ran across online. Stay tuned. I'll probably be doing a post on the trio pretty soon.


  1. You look lovely!
    I feel so honoured to have inspired you to recreate such a beautiful look!

    Thank you ^_^


  2. Thank you for the awesome idea =)


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