It wasn't on purpose though.

I was home for the holidays. We were getting ready to take a family portrait. I spent about fifteen minutes or so playing with lighting, angles, and different modes on my camera to try and get the perfect shot. After a number of test shots, I'd found the perfect set up. My camera sitting on top of two gift boxes that were placed on top of an end table. Camera's in good position. Now to position the troops. I call them all into the living room. My mom comes in from the bathroom, and with one step, gently bumps one of the gift box props which causes the other gift box to rock, which in turn caused my camera to topple, lens first, onto my sister's tile floor. Dead.

A few weeks earlier, I'd contemplated getting a floor model tripod such as this one, but ended up settling on this suction mount. I'd actually packed the suction mount in order to take the photo, but decided against it since I wasn't able to get an ideal angle with it.

In the end, we were able to get a couple decent shots using my brother's cell phone. Eh, that's better than nothing. Happy holidays to you and yours!!


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