A couple of weeks ago, my friend Erica and I attended the 9th Annual Southern Women's Show held at the Savannah International Trade and Convention Center. It was a three day event full of fashion shows, cooking demonstrations, product sampling, and shopping, shopping, and more shopping!! It was kind of a last minute decision for us to go and neither one of us was prepared to make any huge purchases. However, by the end of the second day, we'd both left with a number of goodies in hand!

Disclaimer: if I'd been hired as a journalist to report on all of the companies and brands that were represented at the event, I would definitely have been handed a pink slip afterwards as I don't remember the names of half of the stands we visited. Buuuuut, I did take pictures. That has to count for something, right? Enjoy!!

Day 1
(This was actually Day 2. We missed the first day)

This booth was advertising a drink supplement called Cardio 5000 that is specifically formulated to increase heart health. They hooked us up to a heart monitor that gave a print out of our heart rate and waveforms which provided an analysis of how "strong" our hearts were and how hard they were working.

After getting my print out, one of the workers explained the numbers and charts to me. She was basically telling me that, although I analytically have the heart of a 25 year old (I am actually 27), my heart is working way too hard. And that if I bought their drink supplement, I could prevent my heart from having to do so much work. I didn't buy it. The drink supplement nor the analysis. Call me a skeptic. And if you did, I'd say, "Hey, that's me!"

After leaving the Cardio5000 booth, Erica spotted this precious little girl with sparkly pink eyelids.

I asked the little girl if I could take a picture of her fancy new make up and she happily obliged. Her mother told us us that the product she was wearing  was a brand called Eye Kandy which just so happened to be right around the corner.

The sparkly, highly pigmented little pots of eye and body glitter were apparently a very popular product at the event. One of the make up artists informed us that they had actually sold out of actual product (keep in mind, this is only day 2) and they were only taking orders to be shipped.

This is just a random picture of a dress that I thought was rather.. interesting.

This colorful display of  Beijo Bags really caught my eye. Once again, I was not prepared to spend money, so I just looked. And snapped a pic.

Erica bought of bag of this white chocolate flavored popcorn that I don't remember the name of. Now I am not a huge fan of popcorn nor am I particularly fond of anything really sweet, but I would have to admit that if I was one who enjoyed snacking on a sweet kernel of popped corn, this would definitely be in my stash.

I do not remember the name of this... vibrating, back support, butt shaper, exercise machine thingy. For the heck of it, we both jumped on to.... vibrate and give our backs support and shape our butts and exercise!

Apparently, crossing your legs, as I am doing below, tones the buttocks!!

Day 2
(Day 3 of the event)

Starting off our second day at the event, my eyes were immediately drawn to this beautiful Harley Davidson bike. I was checking to see if there was some sort of raffle set up for me to win that would allow me to drive away with it, but alas, it was only there for show. And to prevent getting any marks or scratches on it, the owner was not allowing anyone to get on or straddle the bike. Sitting crossed leg on one side of a bike really takes away from the "biker chick" look I was hoping for, but oh, wells. Whudaryagonnado?

We then ventured over to see the jewelry display of Dantes925.

I fell madly in love with this beautiful bronze hinged frog bracelet. It was my favorite piece of the display. After trying it on a photographing it and saying how much I loved it, I then put it back down, thinking, surely I could get it later from the company's website. The owner informed me that they no longer had a website. They have a shop in Charleston, SC City Market but the beautiful bronze hinged frog bracelet would only be sold during the event.

It went so perfectly with the watch that I was already wearing. But I demonstrated discipline and restraint. Although I hated to do so, I took off the beautiful bronze hinged frog bracelet, placed it back in its box, and walked away from the booth knowing I would never see it again. Sigh.

After leaving the Dantes925 booth, both of our eyes were drawn to this corner exhibit overflowing with color and texture-bags and bracelets and paintings and figurines and drums and...
This next statement is not meant to sound racist or politically incorrect, but Erica and I were both taken aback a little to see that the booth full of merchandise from Africa was owned by two Caucasians. Of course there are no laws against Caucasians owning and selling African merchandise (none that I'm aware of), however, it would have seemed a little more authentic had the owners actually been... African. Erica and I both work with white South Africans or European South Africans (with very distinct accents), so we aren't so closed minded to think that there is no way they could have been African, but their slow southern drawl kind of refuted that theory. At any rate, their products were nothing short of amazing.

I convinced Erica to purchase this awesome bag. She loved it. She wanted it. I was the "bad" influence over her left shoulder telling her that she'd never, and I mean never find another bag as detailed and as unique as this one. She reluctantly bought it. I'm sure she didn't regret it. She wore it the very next time we hung out. Ha!
Erica is holding the awesome bag she purchased. I am holding a ($600) crocodile brief case (that I did NOT purchase).

I ended up buying a pair of earrings made of banana leaf and a small cross body purse made from goat hair. They did not cost $600.

We ended the day by making one last purchase. The Grill It!! This demonstration was so appealing to both of us. We'd stop by the exhibit on our first day, tasted some of the tender chicken that was being cooked on the stove top grill, but both decided not to purchase at that time.

The second day, when we ventured over, we had the following conversation with the owner:

Owner: Oh, so you're back.
Erica & I: (smiling and nodding excitedly) Yes, we're back!!
Owner: You were here yesterday, right? I couldn't forget those eyebrows.
Erica & I: (nervous and awkward laughter)... um.. yeah..

Sooo... he couldn't forget my brows? Or Erica's? Both of ours? And why couldn't he forget 'em? Are they... good? Bad? Ugly? Offensive? Too dark? Did we use too much concealer? Did he have some tips he wanted to share with us? We were both a little.. confused? Or offended? Or.. I dunno. He just couldn't forget someone's eyebrows. Yep.

There were plenty of other things going on at the event like the South Side Fire Department Fashion Show, a Meet and Greet with Teresa Giudice of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, numerous raffles (of which Erica and I didn't win a single thing. Hmph!), and discounted hairstyling by Greener Grass Hair Color & Designs Hair Salon just to name a few. All in all, I really enjoyed myself and do plan (if I'm still in Savannah) to be in attendance next year as well. Erica and I, both natural hair enthusiasts, joked that we'd have our own natural hair booth at Southern Women's Show 2013. Who knows? We just may!!

As I was going through these photos, it became increasingly obvious to me that Erica and I look nothing alike. I mean I know that we don't look alike, but for the last few weeks, everyone has been saying how we look so much alike and actually confusing one of us for the other. An ER nurse passed me in the hall one day at work and said, "Hey, Erica." The instructor at kickboxing class told Erica, "Good kick, Sandria!" The unit secretary at our PRN job told me, "Giiirl, I saw your twin." The LifeLink nurse who I was working with a couple of nights ago tells Erica "I think we're going to-". Before he could even finish, she cut him off to let him know, "It's the other one you're looking for. Not me." Lol. Really our only similarities are that we are both

1) black (African American),
2) female, and
3) have natural hair
and that's about it.

But if someone is going to mistake me for someone else, at least that someone is pretty! Everyone wins.
Until next time,


Oh! Expect to see Erica on my YouTube channel. Soon. Hopefully.


  1. I'm Erica's cousin. Glad she's made a friend in Savannah. She told me about the identity mix-ups lol. You are both pretty but look nothing alike.

  2. Yes, exactly!! We look NOTHING alike. That is what's so funny about it. We just make a joke of it now. And I'm glad she's here. We hit it off (almost) immediately.


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