Not sure how I stumbled upon this song this morning, but since I have, I've not been able to stop hitting the refresh button. It is a remake, of Soundgarden's 1994 hit of the same name off their studio album, Superunknown (both of which the band and the album I am not familiar with) performed by Michael Eugene Archer, better known by his stage name, D'Angelo.  Reading through the video's comments on YouTube, some people are ecstatic about D'Angelo's version while others say they prefer the original, pointing out that the only similarities between the two, are well, just the title. I, having never heard the original, am completely floored with this version. The arrangement. The funk. The ethereal falsetto harmonizing vocals. The live percussions. The strategically placed instrumental breaks that I can just groooooove to. Man. It all just speaks to me. Enjoy.


Let me know what you think! But please be nice. Being negative is just no fun. K?