An avid list maker. If I don't make lists, things don't get done. And I know this from experience. I'll have all these ideas, and projects, and dates bouncing around in my head, with good intentions of actually following through on all of them. But if I don't write them down, and in detail, (may even throw in some diagrams, bullet points, check off boxes, charts, graphs, whatevs), I enter a vicious cycle that goes a little something like this:

Day 1:
- "Oh, my <insert friend's name here>! That's a great idea. I'd love to do it!"
-Sleep the rest of the day.
-Work the rest of the night.

Day 2:
-Wow, YouTube. That photography tutorial was awesome. I've got to try that technique.
-Order necessary equipment from Amazon to do said technique.
-Sleep the rest of the day.
-Work the rest of the night.

Day 3:
-PINTEREST! My love! You've inspired me to do yet another project. Time to go to Michaels to buy supplies!!

Day 4:
-Thank you, random blog. That Step-by-step on making a cicle skirt seemed rather easy. I'll be sure to jump right on it.
-Head to Hancock Fabric to buy some discounted fabric from the sale bin.

Day 5:
-"Hey <insert friend's name here>. You say you have an event coming up next week? Okay, I'll try and make it."
-Sleep the rest of the day.
-Work the rest of the night.
Day 6:
-2pm -6:00 pm: Doing a friend's hair. (And yeah, that's pretty much my whole day).
-Eat dinner/watch a movie/go to bed.

Day 7: My day off. Time to get some things done!!!
-2:00pm: Sitting on the floor with a warm glue gun and the canvas I purchased from Michaels, ready to begin that awesome Pinterest project!!
-3:00pm: Ooh! Just got a new movie in the mail from Netflix. Break for movie/lunch time!
-5:00pm: Doorbell rings. That's FedEx delivering my photography equipment I ordered.
-5:10 pm: Opening packages and imagining all the awesomeness I will produce with my new toys! Exciting!!
-5:45pm: Yawn. Getting sleepy...
-5:55pm: Fighting it.. fighting it...
-6:01pm: Out like a light.
-8:00pm: Waking up to a text from previously mentioned "friend":

"Hey, Dree. You gonna make my event next week? I need a head count."

-9:00pm: After pushing the canvas, glue gun, and photography equipment to the side (and peeling the dried glue off of my thigh), I text back:

"Yeah, I'll be there."
-10:00pm: Yawn.
-10:03pm: Back to sleep.

And there goes my week.
If only I'd made a list.


  1. Ha ha. So you know the feeling. And there's such satisfaction when you can cross one of those tasks off as complete!!


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