Day 2
Isla Verde, Puerto Rico

I'm up and at 'em bright and early.

By the time I'd taken this picture, I'd gotten up, worked out, showered, and had a little "me and God" time. I think it was maybe, 8:00 am or so.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Yep. Knocked out. Not sure if my BeastMode workout was interfering with her beauty rest or not (if so, my deepest and most sincerest apologies), but she was definitely over there getting it in. Head covered and all.


Aaaaye! She's up. We walked to the Carolina Beach in Isla Verde. It was only two blocks from our hotel. But this is where I MUST interject to say that, in Puerto Rico, traffic signs are pretty much just there for decoration. They do not stop at stop signs or even red lights. A yield sign? Please. The only thing the drivers did seem to respect were crosswalks. My little PSA: If you're ever there, please walk in the crosswalk. If you actually want to cross the street. Back to you, John.

The beach was pretty chill. Not overcrowded as you can tell. The water was the bluest greenest I'd ever seen in my life. Too bad we didn't get to enjoy it long due to the rain.

After leaving the beach, we grabbed a bite to eat, had a little girl talk, took a nap, and then woke up, got dressed, and did one of the main things girls were created to do. Went SHOPPING!!!!! At the Plaza las Américas mall in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

(I just put this picture up because I really like how toned my arms look here. Tee hee!! BeastMode.)

The mall was huuuuge. It had three floors and about a million and five stores. I was really excited to see that there was a  Zara. I read about the store all the time on fashion blogs but have never had the chance to go since there isn't  one near me in southern Georgia. Unfortunately, the one piece that really, really caught my eye (AND WAS ON SALE FOR $13), was only available in Marlina's size. So she snatched it up. But, of course. I left with just a maxi skirt from Arden B (which coincedentally was also on sale for thirteen bucks), and that was fine with me. We had a number of unexpected expenses that we incurred along the way (having to buy another flight after missing our first one, getting a hotel for the night in Ft. Lauderdale since we had to stay over because we missed our first flight, renting a car for a day to get around in Ft. Lauderdale once again, BECAUSE WE MISSED OUR FIRST FLIGHT), so neither of us was really planning to do any damage at the mall. 

The one store, out of all, that just completely blew my mind was Forever21. Not because I've never been there. I shop there in store and online on a regular basis. And not because it's such a high class and fancy joint, but because of the enormous size of it. It had me in awe! I literally walked from the front of the store to the back with my mouth gapping wide open. (Good thing flies weren't around. Zing!)

Not sure if you can tell from the pictures, but the store was three floors and each floor was packed with clothes. It was one of those instances where there was so much that I didn't even know where to begin. So I didn't. I just walked through the entire store, all floors, from front to back, repeatedly saying "Oh, my God. Oh, my God", then walked right back out. It was quite amazing if you ask me.

We ended the night by meeting up with one of my friends from AASU, her roommate, and her God brother who all currently reside in Puerto Rico. We lounged at the San Juan Water Beach Club Hotel where they had a bit to eat, then we headed over to the El San Juan Resort and Casino for some salsa dancing. 
Rooftop Lounge at San Juan Water Beach Club Hotel

Ending the night at the El San Juan Resort and Casino was quite possibly the best thing we could have done. Marlina and I were both snatched up by suitors who were more than eager to whisk us around the dance floor. My dance partner just so happened to be a salsa instructor. The way he dipped me and spun me and twirled me, if I hadn't known any better, I would have assumed we were on "Dancing with the Stars". With my shoes being a bit uncomfortable because they were a half size too small (which we all know they become the perfect size when they're on sale) and the fact that I am clumsy and a half, I just knew I was going to end up tripping over something and sprawled out all over the floor. Fortunately my partner was a pro with a capital P-R-O and kept me from bumping, tripping, or knocking into any one or anything else. Marlina and the rest of my crew assured me that he made me look goooooood out there on the floor. And I could tell it. I felt like a star (wink!). I will say that when we were done, I was out of breath and had a little back discomfort from all of his excessing dipping, but it was absolutely amaaaaaaaaaazing! I loved every minute of it!!

Since neither of us gamble, we thought we'd sit here and look cute (as we pulled on an invisible lever) simply for the photo!!

Marlina's dance partner

View from our room at night

Day 3
Time to head back home.

My $4 hat I picked up from Aldo at the Sawgrass Mall in Ft. Lauderdale. Y'all know I love a sale!!!

Hours before our flight back to Georgia, we were finally able to find the "I ♥ Puerto Rico" shirts and we both picked up shoulder bags for our moms (which reminds me, I still haven't given my mom her bag) at a souvenir shop near our hotel. 

It was a short but long 3 1/2 days. It was both interesting and a learning experience. But now, for all the fun it was, Puerto Rico, we are out!



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