Once you click on the links, you'll know why they're my blog inspirations. Their sites are wonderful!!

In no particular order:

Shirley B. Eniang for www.meek-n-mild.com

Crystal Knight for www.thefeistyhouse.blogspot.com

*Nikole no longer posts on this blog, but I still find myself going back to it for information concerning hair or fashion inspiration.

And recently I've started reading:

Jackie O. for www.makeupgameonpoint.com

All of the blogs listed are written by African American women. That wasn't done consciously to be discriminatory. They just happened to be speaking about what I was looking for at the time. With the exception of www.makeupgameonoint.com, these were all blogs that I started reading when I was beginning my hair growth journey. I found most of them through YouTube while watching hair videos. While I'm not as much of a die hard hair (or YouTube) junky as I used to be, I still visit their blogs almost daily as the content of their blogs extend into to fashion, travel, make-up, Bible readings,  inspirational thoughts and stories, day to day musings, etc. 

One other blogger I have to check out frequently for fashion inspiration is

Dulce for www.dulcecandy.com


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