Last month Marlina and I went to San Juan, Puerto Rico for vacation. This was a first of firsts for both of us. Both of our first time on an airplane and both of our first time outside of the mainland United States. To say we had ups and downs and twists and turns and highs and lows on this trip is putting it lightly. I seem to glide through life experiencing nothing but what I like to call "happy accidents". I don't really expect everything to go exactly according to plan. But that's what makes it all the more interesting, no? Because of one of our setbacks (missing our first flight, nooooooo!!!!!), our time in Puerto Rico was cut short to about two and a half days. Because of this, we were kind of rushed and didn't really have time to do some of the things we'd planned on. But overall, we both had a ball. And can't wait until our next trip in 2013. Hawaii!!!!!

Being that it was my first time flying, I have to say, I was a bit nervous. To ease my mind, I looked up a prayer online called the "Traveler's Prayer" and sent it to my closest friends and family and asked them to say it along with us. We read the prayer each time we boarded. And now, oh, I am so a pro at flying!

Day 1
Old San Juan

From the time we landed in Puerto Rico, we were both looking for something, a sign on the road, a building, the airport, just something that had the words "Puerto Rico". Finally found something!!

As we walked through Old San Juan, I really wanted to do the whole touristy thing and take pictures of all the historic landmarks and read about all the monuments, but since it was already early evening by the time we got there, we really only had time to snap a few pictures here and there before the sun went down.

Hitting up the souvenir shops in Old San Juan. On the hunt for "I ♥ Puerto Rico" shirts.

We ended up grabbing a bite to eat then leaving Old San Juan and heading back to our hotel. Without finding the shirts.

End of Day 1.


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