Last Sunday of the month. Youth Sunday. Dress down Sunday. Alla that. 

 Sunglasses: Betsey Johnson
Necklaces: Charming Charlie & Charlotte Russe

Tank top: Body Central
Jeans: Forever21
Cardigan: Express
Boots: Express
Purse: Vendor at the 9th Annual Southern Ladies Show

On the last Sunday of the month, we have Youth Sunday in which Prophet Everette Hall comes down to speak. Over the last few months, he'd been preaching from Genesis 29: 31-35. I won't go into complete detail on that now, just enough to say that in the scripture Leah and Jacob were married but Jacob wanted Leah's sister Rachel. Since God saw that Leah was not wanted, he allowed her to have children, where her sister Rachel was barren. Leah had sons Reuben whose name means "behold, a son", Simeon whose name means "to hear, to be heard", Levi whose name means "joined", and Judah whose name means "praise". All of the names and their meanings were significant in Leah's growth and faith in God. Leah knew Jacob preferred her sister, so when she had Reuben, she was exclaiming, "Look, Jacob! I've birthed a son for you." But Jacob still wanted her sister. When she birthed Simeon, she was crying, "Jacob! I'm your wife. Hear me. Listen to me." But Jacob still preferred her sister. When Leah had Levi, she was exclaiming, "Jacob, you've laid with me. You've impregnated me. I am your wife. We should be joined and connected by now." But Jacob still had eyes for her sister. When Leah birthed Judah, she'd come to the point where she realized what the situation was. She was no longer going to exclaim anything to Jacob. She was now going to give God praise. Just for being God.

Last month, the ninth month of the year, was significant for the Faith on the Move family in giving birth. That thing God had been dealing with each of us about, whether it was a career, a ministry, a new business venture, whatever it was, that was the month for it to be birthed out. After a long pregnancy and a painful delivery, one would think the hardest part is over. But, in actuality, after the birth is when you are really tasked with being responsible for what it was that was birthed- providing for, nurturing, and protecting the thing so it can grow and mature. And even when it gets hard and tedious, we all have to remember, that the thing we birthed out was Judah. Which ultimately means, this thing is not for us, but to bring praise to God.

This month, for Youth Sunday, Prophet Hall was coming from Isaiah 6. In these scriptures, we now deal with a death. Death is never easy. Oftentimes unexpected. It forces you to adjust and alter some things. In this passage, Isaiah's cousin, King Uzziah, dies. Although this had to be a difficult time for Isaiah, it was then that he was able to see the Lord. When he saw the Lord, he also saw seraphim, crying "Holy, holy, holy" to the Lord. Isaiah felt unworthy, exclaiming he was a man of unclean lips. So a seraphim, having taken a hot coal from the alter, laid it upon Isaiah's lips which purged Isaiah of his sin.

The scripture goes on to say, at this point, the Lord was looking for a willing servant. Someone whom he could send out to speak to the people. Isaiah had just suffered a great loss in King Uzziah. King Uzziah was someone he was close to, someone he was familiar with, someone he was comfortable with. But even though this great loss had occurred, Isaiah recognized that he still had to do the will of God. God had cleansed him of his sins and now it was time to go to work.

Now. I am a firm believer in that if the scripture does say anything to me, not just in general, but for me, in my personal life in my current situation, then, well... what's the point in even reading it? I am convinced that God's word speaks directly to me in my situation. And it is was causes me to go. How can you know for sure that something from God is for you? You can only know by having a relationship with God. By communicating with God. By spending time with God. By getting to know God. By reading the scripture and knowing what it is that God says about you and your situation. By praying the scripture and reminding God what he says about you and your situation. When you have a relationship with God, you'll know when he is speaking to you (whether it's through your spirit, through another person such as a preacher, through something you read, through a song, etc). And when you hear his voice, it will just be confirmation.

So out of all I've gotten through this series, I have confirmation of what it is I am to be doing. I've birthed out Judah bring praise to God's name. And I've experienced the death of what it was that was holding me back. God has purged me of my sins. And now, now it's time for me to go to work.


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