I mean, I love the fact that it looks so natural and believable. That's the look I was going for. But I just think it's really funny that no one, and I mean no one, suspected that it was a weave. Not even your black female friends? Nope. Not even them. It's basically a full weave. I just left a tiny amount of my hair out around the edges in case I wanted to pull my hair up.

The reason I feel it's a noticeable weave is because, even though it is my hair color (after I did about 3 different dye jobs on it) and I do wear my natural hair in frizzy curls like this from time to time, my hair is half the size of this!! In length that is. I don't wear my hair out much and of course, no one pays as much attention to the length of your own hair as you, yourself, but I thought it would be completely obvious that my hair is not this long. I'd probably need at least another year or so to get here. 
The most recent shot of my hair combed out. Which of course it'd be much shorter if I wore it curly. June 2012.

Halley's Curls Salon Relaxed
The hair is two packs of 16" Creole Curly from the brand >>Halley's Curls<<. I found out about this brand during my time as an active member on the hair board Black Hair Media Forum. To my knowledge, this hair can only be ordered from their >>online shop<<. I've ordered from Halley's one other time before in which I purchased their Salon Relaxed extensions during my relaxer days. In my opinion, this hair is the best hair to match the look and feel of salon relaxed hair. It was soft. It was thick. It wasn't too silky or too shiny. And it had movement. Another plus is that hair on the wefts is dense. I think I used about 1 1/2 packs of hair (can't remember the length) in the picture to the right and it's pretty thick, no? Click on the picture for a better view. It was very easy to manage. I experienced little to no shedding or tangling. This is hair that could be taken out and reused time and time again. I made the mistake of cutting the hair so I didn't get to reuse it as much as I could have. One complaint about the hair that I did read from other customers on the hair board is that it wasn't the best at holding a curl, particularly done with a curling iron or flat iron. This wasn't much of a problem for me since I only bumped the ends under a little. But for those wanting full, bouncy, all over curls, this may leave you lacking a bit. Unless you roller set. But it was years ago when I wore this hair. Maybe they've improved upon that one little problem by now. Other than that, LOOOOVED this hair. And if I ever wanted to to do a long term straight style again, this would definitely be my go-to hair. But I digress. This post isn't about the Salon Relaxed hair. It's about people mistaking the Creole Curly for my own. Continuing on..

To view a slideshow of the different types of hair offered on actual clients and to read their reviews,  click on this >>LINK<<

The Creole Curly hair looks NOTHING like the above pic when you first receive it. It only comes in the color 1B, an off black, as it is Virgin Malaysian hair. But the good news is, it can be dyed as I did with mine. But be warned. If you want to go light, it may take a few more steps than expected. Initially, I wanted to die it to achieve >>this look<<  but three dye processes later and only hitting a medium reddish brown, I decided to let it go. Besides, at that point, it matched my own hair color anyway so...

It has a somewhat tightly curled curl pattern and is veeeeery soft. There are instructions that come with the hair (and on the website) of what to do (shampoo and condition) and what products they suggest to use before installation.

After shampooing, conditioning, combing through, and hanging to dry (in the picture below) the curls seem to have loosened and dropped a little bit.

After having the hair in for a month now, I've kind of gotten a feel for how I like to wear it. When it is shampooed and cleaned from all of the products I apply to it, it goes back to its naturally curly state like in the picture below. At first, I attempted to wear it this curly because I like the look but I found it challenging to blend the little bit of my hair that I left out with the curliness of this hair. They're just two different textures. I saw where one >>YouTuber<< said she set her hair on perm rods over night in order to blend it. (Yeah. When I spend a considerable amount of money on hair stuff, I definitely do my research).

It may be an option to style it and wear it in its naturally curly state if I was to do a complete full weave, leaving none of my hair out. Maybe next time.

The hair is wet and has leave in conditioner combed through in this picture.
Look at those arms. BeastMode. Ha ha haaaaaa!!!!!

So I've adopted a routine. About once a week, I shampoo (trying to get in the habit of saying I "Shampoo my hair" as opposed to "Wash my hair"- heard a cosmetology student say how much she loathed the phrase "washing hair". She said you wash clothes and dishes and shampoo your hair. Not sure why it stuck with me. Not sure why it matters. But it did and I guess it does. Anywho..), detangle, condition, and braid my hair in 5-6 medium sized braids using some kind of thick moisturizer or holding product and allow it to air dry for about a half day. Usually while I'm asleep.

When I take the braids loose, I get this look. I think it was still a little damp in some places in these pictures.

I'm fine with this look. However, I prefer it after I've worn it for about 3-4 days. It starts to get bigger and wilder and "untamed" like in the posts >>here<< and >>here<<.

Now I did say that this hair has the potential to be used time and time again. BUT. This IS curly hair. It is processed to mimic naturally curly hair. And as anyone with naturally curly hair knows, if you don't properly detangle, on wet/damp hair, with a moisturizer, shampoo, or conditioner, with a wide tooth comb REGULARLY, you are asking for trouble. Because I like the look of the big hair, I made the mistake once of going nearly two weeks without putting a comb to it. Needless to say, I paid dearly for it. It took me twice as long to detangle it, especially the back, and it did cause me to lose some of the hair on the weft. I take full responsibility for that. Don't make the same mistake I did. I should have known better.

I want to try one more style with this hair before I take it out in a week or two. Flexirods! I know it will take FOREVER to set. But since I have the length, I would like to try and achieve >>this look<< worn by MopTop Maven >>here<< and >>here<< or the slightly larger flexirod look worn by KG from thekgifestyle >>here<< and >>here<<. I mentioned both of these ladies and their blogs as blog (and they're also hair) inspirations in this post.

Overall, I'm exactly one month in today, and I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this hair!!!!!!! And so did my patient from >>this post<<.

*I have not been paid or contacted by Halley's Curls to sing their praise in this post. I honestly just really do like this hair. However, if Halley's Curls ever wants to do anything NICE for me, I would so accept ;-)!!!


  1. This is absolutely beautiful! It is very natural looking and there is no way I would be able to tell it wasn't naturally yours had you not shown it. I think I might try this!

    Thank you for sharing such an awesome look!

  2. Thank you and you're welcome! I wasn't going for the "natural" natural look when I first purchased it. Up to that point, I'd only really seen reviews of people wearing it in it's curlier state. But once I stumbled upon its versatility, I fell in love with the hair all over again. Which was an extra, super duper plus for me since I don't make such "pricey" purchases as this often.

    If you do purchase, hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!
    And feel free to come back and post a picture!

  3. I'm sorry if you mentioned this in the post already but i couldn't find it... how many packs of the Creole Curly did you have to use?

  4. Oh, it's no problem. I used 2 complete packs.


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