This new business venture I've been referring to lately is my photography business named PourVoir which loosely translates to "for to see" in French. These are shots from my latest photo shoot in which I asked my fellow church member, fellow BeastModer, and fellow artiste to model for me to create these shots playing with different colored gels covering lights hitting from different angles. I got this idea from >>Mr. X<<, a photographer and filmmaker, I discovered while doing a search for photography on >>YouTube<<.  I love watching his >>wusgoodbro<< channel and reading his >> blog<<. No only for his "attractive" English accent and the wealth of information that can be found on his sites, but also for his elbow grease and diy approach. To quote him, he's from the "Do It Your D*!$ Self University". And so am I.

As I'm still a beginner at this thing, I will probably do more shoots using some of the techniques that he shows. However, since I am not one who likes to "copy" another artist's work, I'm hoping that it only helps me to develop my own eye.

Here there is a blue gel to camera left, a red gel to camera right, and a yellow gel on the light above and slightly to the left of the camera.

This is the video that showed how to set up the shoot. Sorry I couldn't make it bigger. You can click on the expansion button to go to full screen.

I am well aware that my final product doesn't look like his. Not only did he use different colored gels than I but he also has a million times more experience than I do. I wasn't going for the same look. Only the same effect.

And you know what? I am proud of my work. Especially since in the shots with the orange background, I used orange poster board as my backdrop and an expandable shower curtain rod to hold it up. And instead of having handy dandy clamps and stands to hold the lights in place, I taped them to my refrigerator and pantry door. Now if that's not from the "Do It Your D*@! Self University", then I don't know what is. Hey-oh!

Also, as an extension of PourVoir, I'm also offering makeup artistry services. That was another reason I wanted her to do this shoot- practice and exposure. We took a few more beauty photos without the colored lights to better display the makeup.

At the moment, I'm not ready to display my website or take on new clients, since I have already been asked to do a number of shoots and I still have both full time and prn jobs to go to. I will be listing the info and taking on new clients for those in the Savannah area soon.

I'll be posting photos from my gigs here. Not only to show you guys what I can do and possibly get new clients, but also so I can track my own progress. To look back years, months, even weeks from now to appreciate where I started and to see how far I've come.

I'll leave you with this outtake from the shoot. Ha. You can see the tape from the lights still sticking to my refrigerator handle and pantry door. Heeeey!!!!!



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