I heard this song, oddly enough on an episode of "Basketball Wives" and it automatically caught my attention. I don't normally watch reality shows- at least not nearly as much as I used to, but when it popped up on my tv screen the other night, I thought, "What the hey?" And that's when I heard it. Now I must give credit where credit is due. VH1 does an awesome, AWESOME job of choosing tracks to play during their reality shows. That is a big part of why I will tune in to them from time to time. Instead of always playing the same songs that are played on the radio day in and day out (which I don't listen to much of anyway but always seems to have the same three songs playing whenever I do turn it on), they give a lot of talented but lesser known artists a couple seconds of airtime during their episodes.  (Prolly 'cause it's cheaper). And if something perks up my ears, like this song did, I immediately go to these internets ('cause it's plural. ha!) to check out said artist. Marketing at its best. And after listening to a number of snippets off of her self titled album, I was sold. Bought it. Actually I'd previously stumbled upon her randomly while doing a YouTube music search one day. The snippet of this song the other night just reminded me of her.

Seems like lately I've been relating everything, including song lyrics, to my photography. In this song she's saying that now that she is into music she can't control herself grooving and the vibes bring joy to her life. She goes on to say that she knows how it feels to be sad all the time, but the rhythm lifts her up again and again. And now she's ready to show ya and blow ya mind!

That's exactly where I am with my photography. It's bringing me joy and I can't control it. Singing along..

"'Cause today. Oh. 
I'll show ya.
I'll blow ya.
Oh. 'Til the vibe goes crazy, the vibe goes crazy."

On repeat.


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