When I first heard this song, written and sung by one of my favorite artists, Mali Music, I thought the beat was cool. I liked the flow of the song. I was grooving to it. But after listening to it a few more times, it became more than just a catchy hook to me.

The song (in my interpretation), is about someone that recognizes that they have a gift from God. A gift that they are operating in and actively pursuing and also reaping the benefits of. Everyone is telling them how great and talented they are. The numbers are showing it. The product is selling. They're in high demand. But somehow, even in all of this, they're not really convinced and confident in the gift.

Maybe because they don't think of their "performance" as highly or as valuable as everyone else does. They don't feel it's good enough. Or it could be because they don't feel they are worthy enough for God to have given them such a great and overwhelming blessing. The reason I interpret this song this way is because that is exactly how I feel in my pursuit of fulfilling this vision that God has given me with my photographer. By the end of the song, Mali seems to have come around and become a "believa" in the gift. I can't honestly say that at this point I am a complete "believa" in my gift, but I am a "believa" in the One who gave me the gift. Knowing that if he's given it to me, he's given me everything I need in order to do exactly what he wants me to do with it. I'm a "Believa".

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