Sunday evening, we held a special service to honor my Pastor & First Lady. It was our annual celebration of Life (52 years of life for Pastor Jackson), Love (33 years of matrimony), and Leadership (19 years of pastoring). That in itself says a lot, no? The great part about them, as husband and wife and pastors, is that even though it has been extremely hard for them at times, they look as refreshed and in love as if they just started it all yesterday. I love it!

Pastor and First Lady Jackson

We had an awesome, awesome time! The text that the speaker, Pastor Charles P. Roberson, was speaking from was >>Isaiah 61:1-7<<. He was speaking in a prophetic (one of the five fold ministries) way specifically for our church, Faith on the Move Ministries, in which we as a body have been anointed to fulfill everything listed in the passage. Oftentimes, it seems that as Christians, we have it the hardest. There is always some test, some trial, some adversity, some storm, some struggle we must overcome. And that is true. It is written. >>2 Timothy 3:10-12<<. But there comes a time where we will no longer have to say, "Wait on God," "Just have faith in God," "In due season..." There comes a time when it is your season. There comes a time when all the promises of God that are "ye and amen" are proven to be just that. Well, the time is at hand! And I, along with my Faith on the Move Ministries family, am ready to go up! Excited to see what God has in store for us these next 42 days to end out the year and all that we'll be walking into in the next!

Stay tuned for a praise report. "Aaaaaaaaaaye!" in my Fonzy voice.

Pastor Charles P. Roberson

As you all know, in the past I was terrified of bringing Cassie (that's my camera's name. Did I tell you guys that?) out. Overwhelming feelings of doubt and inadequacy would always surface. I feared what people would say or what they would think. Like, it's not my place, or I'll be in the way, or I'll cause a disturbance, or say "Get that flash out of my face", or "She just don't know nothing about taking no "pitchers"". But I'm becoming bold. I brought Cassie with me. I left her in the car as I walked inside the church. I asked >>Audrey<< if I should bring it in and she said "Of course." I headed out to get her but still was a bit unsure. Thankfully, I bumped into Pastor Jackson on the way the car. I asked him if it would be okay for me to shoot the occasion. I knew he would say "Yes" as he did. He wants our events to be photographed. He wants them to be documented and written about on the church's >>website<< and >>Facebook<< page. And I know this. But I still needed that reassurance. Just because.. I did. So I ran to the car, snatched her up, and took my place behind the musicians to shoot the service. I felt I had a place. It gave me purpose. A prayer answered. Yes! I told God when he first put it in my heart to start shooting, that all he blessed me with (the vision, the talent, the ideas, the financial gain) from PourVoir, I would give it back to him. I would not dare take credit for it as my own and I would use it to service the house of the Lord. And that is exactly what I am doing. Selah.

As a photographer, I can look at the photos below and see how they aren't exactly "up to par". I see that they could be much better in certain areas. Because of Cassie's limitations, I can only do so much (particularly shooting movement in low light conditions without using flash), but I know God doesn't look at the photos and see my shortcomings. He looks at them and sees my faithfulness. And that is all I want.


Let me know what you think! But please be nice. Being negative is just no fun. K?