How did I end my "No Spend Half Month Challenge"?

 With a gas tank dangerously close to "E"...

...and chowing down on the Thanksgiving Day meal so graciously provided by my friend Sheena. I stopped by and grabbed a plate from her house on the way to work. Thank ya, girl!!

She also made gumbo. Now my family has never made gumbo for Thanksgiving. Actually, my family never makes gumbo, but hey, I do looooove seafood, so don't mind if I do. Hey-oh! People at work tend to frown upon those who bring seafood for dinner. Because of the lingering smell and all. 'Tis fine with me. I saved the gumbo for breakfast. Baaaaaa ha ha ha haaaaa! Okay. I'm out. Gonna go eat this gumbo then hit the sack. Back to work for one more night then I'm off to see my family!! Out.


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