Because of this tiny little "No Spend Month" challenge that I'm on, I, well, I can't buy anything. Frivolously, that is. So, I just look. A Kohl's recently opened up here in Savannah and I've never been so I decided to go check it out Monday night. Just wanted to see what they had going on in their shoe department. Saw a couple things that I liked. And they were all priced rather nicely. I took pictures of them. For a few reasons.

  1. I liked the shoes. Uh, yeah.
  2. I wanted to remember them. For later. Hopefully they'll be marked down even more by the time my "No Spend Month" challenge is over.
  3. It's a visual reminder of the financial discipline I am gaining from this experience. To be able to see all these reasonably priced shoes, try them on, snap pictures of them, and walk out of the store empty handed is certainly a win in my book. 
Funny part about all of this is I think only one pair of the shoes that I tried on was actually my size. I wear a 7. Solid. Almost everything I tried on was either a 6, 6.5, or 8!!! Aaaaaye! God is good!

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Candie's Wedge Sneakers $54.99

(I'm normally not crazy about sneakers. In any shape or form, but I really dig these! I think it has something to do with the militant color of them. And what's even better, they zip up. No need to fuss with stringing up laces. Bow!)

ELLE Platform High Heels $20.97

(The sparkly heels touched my heart.)

Dana Buchman High Heel Mary Janes $48.99

(They're a short heel, shorter than I normally prefer, but hey, they sparkle!!!)

Jennifer Lopez Platform Wedge Booties $29.99

(Just look at 'em. And that price. No extra explanation needed.)

LC Lauren Conrad Booties $26.99

(A tan bootie with a chunky heel just screams comfort and versatility.)

Jennifer Lopez High Heels $39.99

(Fads come in season and out- platform, peep toe, ankle strap- alla that. But what is more beautiful, more sleek, more sexy, and more CLASSIC than a black pointed toe suede stiletto? And I love that it dips down for a little seductive toe cleavage. "Toe cleavage". Giggle.)

Simply Vera Vera Wang Platform High Heel Loafers $49.99

(The tweed. The tassels. Aaaaahh!)

Simply Vera Vera Wang Wedge Sneakers $62.99

(Yep. The wedge sneakers again. I dunno. I just like 'em. Unlike the Candies above that are actual wedges, these are flat. Even more comfortable. Win. And they zip up as well.)

By this time, I was all shoe trying on out! But there were a couple of other boots that caught my eye. Militant colors once again.
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Candie's Midcalf Boots - Juniors

Simply Vera Vera Wang Wedge Ankle Booties $49.99                                                                                                                                       
      Simply Vera Vera Wang Wedge Ankle Booties - Women

As I was going through the >>Kohl's website<< to find all the links to the shoes, I found a couple more online exclusives that I wouldn't mind adding to my wardrobe as well.
*Click on the name to order your own pair.

(I could actually do this shoe in any/all of the colors available. I think they'd look cool with >>argyle knee socks<<- especially the beige ones.)                                                                


(They're available in black as well, but I love them in brown. Think they'd look cute with some bright colored tights!)
Sacred Heart Kremie Peep-Toe Booties - Women

(They're just.. different.)
MUK LUKS Ankle Boots - Juniors

(I could do these in either color.)
Bucco Mariah Wedge Sneakers - Juniors
  • Color: 1221711 Black
  • Color: 1221711 Cognac

(The customer reviews on these boots weren't so great. Mainly because the color was off. They are actually more green than brown [which I don't mind] and they're narrow and run small [I have no problem getting a size 7.5 or 8.])
Sacred Heart Carryn Tall Boots - Women

Now for those of you who are feeling sorry for me for not being able to purchase any of the shoes, it's okay. I didn't go home completely empty handed. I stopped by Dollar Tree and picked up some ONE PLY toilet tissue. Yeah.

But if you still feel bad, I wear a size 7. 'Cept for in the >>Carryns<<. I may need an 8. Wonder if the other >>little southern girl<< is reading this. ;-)


  1. Hey, you two look great! I would suggest wearing the V-cut booties with a dress or skirt though, because the V cut really shows off your calves. See my blog photos for proof:

  2. Thanks.

    I did't buy any of the items. I just tried them all on in the store.

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