*Disclaimer: I've never used this stuff before nor have I ever even heard of it. Have you? My friend Erica found out about it through YouTube and decided to see what the hype was all about. I may check it out after I've gotten a little bit more spending room on my "No Spend Month" challenge. Check out her review below!

>>As I Am Coconut Cowash Cleansing Conditioner<< Review:

1. Smells great
2. Provides great slip (used on a 4 day old uncombed wash-n-go & this was the least breakage I've ever seen...only stray hairs on my hands & nothing in the comb)
3. Left my hair & scalp super clean & product free (my hair felt as clean as it would using shampoo except it felt super soft & not the stripped feeling i usually feel by sulfates)
4. Super Moisturizing
5. Curls appeared very soft & defined without manipulation (curls in pics are un-combed, product free & fresh out of the towel)
6. A little goes a long way (it says apply liberally but I used way less than I normally use with other conditioners & I get a less clean feel)

1. Jar isn't shower friendly. I would've preferred a pump or bottle (however that won't keep me from purchasing again)

Overall...a great product, well worth $8 & I may never use shampoo again! :)


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