My friend Erica, who is just as much of a DIYer as I am, mentioned to me that she made envelope pillow covers for her bedroom. Although I've seen them before, I'd never heard of an envelope pillow cover. They looked interesting enough, so I thought I'd give them a try. There are a couple things that I particularly like about them:

  • You don't have to be that exact and precise in your measuring. I measured the fabric using a tape measurer for the first pillow. For the second, I just kind of laid my pillow form on the fabric and eyeballed it.
  • They fit really snug around the pillow form.
  • Even if you make them slightly smaller than the pillow, they fit, taking on the shape of the pillow form that was inserted.
  • They can be removed and washed (depending on the washability of the fabric you use). This was a MAAAJOR plus over the pillows I'd recently done. Since I don't know how to insert zippers yet, I would just sew the pillow form inside the pillow cover, meaning the only way I could take the cover off to change it or wash it, would be to cut it off.
  • They're really simple and quick to make (I averaged about 15-20 minutes/pillow including , measuring, cutting, ironing, pinning fabric; sewing and inserting pillow).
  • They provide a rather professional look- I think.
  • They're cheap!! Both of the pillows above were made using less than a yard of fabric a piece. Usually fabrics that are less than a yard are placed in the discount bin at fabric stores. These are marked down considerably. It's possible to do the pillows above with about a dollar or two of fabric.
I didn't document my process step by step nor take pictures along the way. I was just trying to make sure I got the covers made. After making them, which averaged a time of about 15-20 minutes per pillow, I just had to share this awesome, quick, really cute project with you. I found >>this blog post<< online that I used to show me how to make them. At first it was a bit hard to follow but I eventually caught on. You can also look up tutorials on Youtube that may provide better or more detailed visuals.


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