This was the Facebook status I posted at exactly 1200 on December 8th, 2012.

My Poem 

 "God is good, 
God is sweet, 
Another year he's let me see. 

Life is swell, 
Life is fine. 
Today I turn.... 28!!!!!" 

 "Hey-oh!" In my Jason Pitts' voice. "Girl, yes, I am. Yes, I am." -Bon Qui Qui. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Oh, yeah. That's right. It's my birthday. Go me. Go me. Doing the cabbage patch. Oh, yeah. That's right. Jersey fist pump. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Voice trails off as I moon walk exit stage left.

Usually, I don't make a big deal of my birthday, but for some reason this year, I was toooooooo excited! I think it was less about celebrating me, and more of me realizing how blessed I am. God has allowed me to live to see another year. He's blessed me with great friends and family. He's placed a new business venture in my heart that he's so faithfully guiding me through. He's allowing me to see who he truly is in my life, and even in the not so pleasant times, it's causing me to keep a smile in my heart. He's showing me how to trust him, and that alone, puts me in such a place of peace. God has been so amazing to me this year and I am extremely over joyed right now. God, you've set the bar pretty high for next year. Now, let's see what you got! Yes!

She's 28 y'all!!!

For my birthday celebration, I wanted to invite a group of friends to do random things with me around Savannah. Sharing first time experiences with great people. Can't get any better than that!

The first activity was shooting guns at >>Mission Essential Gun Range<<. Not only was it my first time shooting, it was my first time holding a real, loaded gun, and I was tooooo stoked!! So after working a 12 hour shift overnight, I zoomed home (yeah, I zoomed), showered, and was ready to take my victim DOOOOOWN! Noooow, I'm not going to call any names here, buuuuuut, due to the tardiness and unpreparedness of a CERTAIN LITTLE SOUTHERN GIRL, we did get to the range later than planned. And because the range is booming from the time the doors open, we had a bit of a wait before actually getting our lanes (you reading this little southern girl? She's got it. Next time she'll do better). But once we were up, it was OOOOON!!!!!

Charlie's newest angels: Sharita, ME, Jessica, & Dominique
Getting my stance right.

 Go, Dominique.

Load it up girlfran!!!

Dominique looking all worried and scared. She's such a wife and mom. Lol!

Take her dooooown, Jess!

No sweat. I do this for a living.

You see it. Jess got her in the hair, her head, aaaaaand she shot the chick's fingertips. Lol!

Load it up, cuz!!

Dominique determined to figure out how to load the gun.


Oh, no! They let the pro on the lane!
Oh, you see it. Buddy never stood chance going up against me.
The professional.

She a baaaaad "shut yo mouth"!

Yep. You see the bullet holes.

Yep. We're all pros now. Next, we shoot riffles! Hey-oh!!!!!
It was toooo much fun. I'm definitely planning to go back. Thursday night is Ladies Night where the women shoot free. Y'all know how I love buying stuff that's free!!!!! Bow.

After the fun and exciting time at the gun range, I had to head over to >>Jack & Jill<< hair salon to get my hair done. It was my first time getting my hair done professionally since the 10th grade. That's like over a decade. I've been such a DIYer all this time, I decided to let someone else do it for a change. My experience at the salon, it was pretty good. It was... something new. I was pleasantly pleased with some of the things she did, others, not so much. Think I'm just used to doing it myself. But overall, think I'll give the experience a 7 out of 10. High five, Ms. Vera.

Try and excuse the toilet and just look at the hair. She did a pretty good job, right? Too bad it'd turned into an afro by the end of the night. BEASTMODE ARMS.

The next activity was dinner and a show. We headed to the Double Tree hotel in downtown Savannah for the >>Murder Mystery Dinner Theater<<. It was such a cute show. And my food was excellent! 

Dinner and a show with Courtney and Marlina.

The governor.

Mmm. Yummy salad. Don't mind if I do.

Potato encrusted salmon with mashed potatoes and veggies.

Oh, no! Manfred's gonna kill Courntey!!!

 Do you know who her father is?? He is the Governor. Yeah, Lillian!!

Hey, Peter! 
Spoiler alert: Lillian and Peter are the culprits.

 Birthday girl.

 Some random guy on the street who called us "ma'am's", "misses", and "mature women".
Well, I am 28.

Say what?!?

Ms. Camera Ready

The next part of my birthday weekend was to host my "Twins or Friends", Erica's baby shower. It was my first time doing one of those too. First of firsts!!  

The mom to be.

 You like my prom archway that I designed for the guest of honor? Hey-oh!

Some of the photos from my maternity shoot with Erica put on display. It was her first time seeing them.

 The two little ladies on the side won practically every game we played!! They're baby shower pros!

 Looking all innocent while winning all the games.

 "Hey. I, Aiden." <-- his famous line.


My cohost and partner in crime.

 Fits perfectly. Guess who won. One of the little unsuspecting baby shower pros. I'm telling you. They were on it!!!

 And their mama took all their gifts. Ha ha haaaaa!

 Yes, that is an afro crawling from under my dining table. What can I say? Courtney is his mama.

He is SO extra! Lil' drama king.

Time to eat.

 Thanks for the yummy blue velvet cupcakes, Brandi! Aren't they such cuties?

Erica wearing the baby shower hat Courtney so graciously designed for her. Love the safety pin "tendrils".

Oh, baby!

I actually had one more event planned for my birthday weekend. We were supposed to go to Skatefest which is ice skating at the Civic Center following the baby shower, but we were all waaaay too exhausted. I'm planning a rain check skating trip for next Tuesday. Hopefully everyone can make it. It's gonna be fuuuuun!!

Oh, and I've never been ice skating either. Hey-oh!!!


  1. Awww, it looks like you had a pretty exciting birthday celebration! I always try to experience something new for each one of my birthdays so seeing this was so cool. I love going to gun ranges too. Good way to let off some steam!

    I hope you had a fantastic birthday... judging by the pictures, it sure looks like you did! Happy belated!

  2. Love it!!! Lmao....

  3. Aw, thanks, thanks you guys!!


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