Exhibit A:
I'm always too impatient to allow my nail polish to completely dry before I start doing other things. In this particular case, I'd used about 8 layers of two different polishes trying to salvage the clumpy messiness of the first two coats I'd already applied. Didn't work buddy.

So I looked in my stash and found these >>Kiss Nail Dress<< nails in Jeweled Strips. Think I bought 'em once upon a time when they were on sale.

I figured that if I cheated a bit with the nail dress nails, I could at least be patient enough to allow half of my nails to dry. Right? And I was. Yay me!!!!! I used >>Sinful Colors Professional nail polish<< in "Open Seas" for my Mint & Gold set below.

They give me a sparkly Christmas feel. I really liked 'em! If I had to choose a favorite nail polish brand, it'd have to be Sinful. They have a wiiiiide range of colors, can be found at your local Walgreens for only $1.99, seem to be high quality colors, and they dry pretty fast. And I always, always, always top them with my >>Seche Ultra-V<< top coat which can be found at >>Sally Beauty Supply<<. This stuff can run you upwards of about 10 bucks if you don't have a Sally's card, but it is so worth it. It dries fast and super shiny. It is actually supposed to be used in conjunction with the >>Seche Ultra-V UV Lamp<< which really works amazing, but my bulb has blown out on my lamp and I haven't bought a replacement. So for the moment, air drying is fine.

So what's the verdict? I was actually able to wear this set for about 3 days. Which is waaaaaay more  than I can usually wear a set of nails. They probably would have lasted longer had I applied another topcoat on day 2, but eh, now you're asking for too much. My polish usually tends to chip at the tip because of how vigorously and often I wash under my nails when I'm at work. So I don't expect much in that area.

And because I had Christmas themed nails, I had to do an impromptu at home Christmas inspired photo shoot. I just had to, you know?

After the green began to chip, I replaced it with "Black on Black" by Sinful Colors to stretch the set out another couple days. All in all, I'm pretty well pleased with these nails!!! Yep.


Let me know what you think! But please be nice. Being negative is just no fun. K?