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It's no secret. I really do like this chick. I get compared to her physically and stylistically AAAALLLL the time. I mean, I kinda feel that I'm my own person and I only look, sound, dress, act, think, etc. like no one other than... me. But, whatevs. This girl is pretty cool, so I guess I can dig being compared to her. And I would definitely do EVERYTHING she has going on in the picture above. What? Dope.

Solange doesn't have much of a mainstream look nor sound. Especially when being compared to her superstar older sister, Beyonce. And for that reason, sometimes she doesn't get much press or recognition for her talent. If I had to guess, I'd say her fan base probably mostly consist of backpackers and underground urban hipster chicks and dudes.

And ... I get her.

I admit, she is a bit of an acquired taste. Not quite for everyone. But a lot of her tunes have such a catchy vibe that you can't help but lay back, take another swig of lemonade, and hit repeat. Check out the videos below of her cool and mellow live performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and the trendy, colorful, and oh so stylish, official video for the lead single >>"Losing You"<< off of her latest EP, "True". 



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