Pinning off the divisions of the belt using my brush placement as my guide. I used blue thread, my favorite color, to give it a little pop, but it's not really detectable.

As I was doing Audrey's makeup for >>this photo shoot<<, I realized how inconvenient and unprofessional it was to have to dig around in my makeup container to find my brushes. Then I'd sit them on top of the container, back in the container, lay them next to where Audrey was sitting, or ask her to hold them. Yeah, I was just all over the place with it. And it caused the job to be kind of cluttered and disorderly. Since Audrey sews a bit here and there, I asked her to make me a makeup belt. I think she thought I was joking, but no, I was oh, so serious.

Fast forward a couple weeks, and I have a shoot coming up with my coworker and her husband, where I would be doing her makeup. There was no way I was going to lug my container that sits on the floor of my bedroom to the shoot. It's flimsy and bulky and wouldn't travel well. I had to streamline things. So I pulled some scrap fabric out of my stash and started sewing. I did all of this just using my "know how" and an image of the belt I wanted in my head. I didn't measure anything or follow any tutorials. I just knew how I wanted to look and went to work.

Is it perfect? Nope. Is there thread bunched up here and there on the back? Absolutely. But I love my work. I think it's cute, convenient, and functional. Can you ask for more?

No, I don't have the step by step as to how I did this (I really need to do better by that). I was just so focused on getting it done as I didn't start on the project until the night before the shoot.

*Bad habits are hard to break. I still ending up sitting my brushes all over my work space after using them as opposed to placing them back in the belt. Oh, wells. It's still cute.


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