They stay home and put Curlformers in their hair.

I was supposed to be home by now. Mom was cooking today. I'd planned to snap a Christmas picture of the whole family. Plans got derailed. As I was leaving work this morning, the warning display on my car read that the air pressure in my two front tires was low. So I stopped to put some air in the tires. That's when I noticed one of my tires was kinda... busted?? The "technical" term that I would use is "slightly peeling". No way was I getting on the road like that. Especially since it was wet out. 

I considered all my options.  

  • Put on the spare. As much of an independent woman as I am, I've never changed a tire by myself. I've assisted, but I wasn't really up to trying to figure it out on my own this AM. So I considered calling the roadside assistance with my Allstate insurance to come to my apartment and put my spare on. But I really didn't want to drive nearly 300 miles home and nearly 300 miles back on my spare. 
  • I considered renting a car. But to spend $100+ on gas and a car for a day when I'd have to spend even more money to get a tire or tire repair when I got back the next day seemed ludicrous. Plus that was the amount the car would be if I had it for less than 24 hours. Did I mentioned I'd be in route 8 hours of that time? Er?? 
  • Then I thought, hey, I'm an expert at flying now. Why not book a flight? Um... maybe if I was flying from a bigger city to a bigger city, that would be feasible. To fly from here, roundtrip, to one of the two small airports 50 miles from my hometown would have been upwards of $700!! To only stay a day. Whaaat?? Naaaaaw.
  • Then I considered the Greyhound bus. That was more expensive than renting the car!! And from my one experience riding a Greyhound bus home, what was supposed to be a 6 hour travel time turned into about 10+ hours with bus breakdowns and delays and transfers. Pish tosh. That just won't do when I have to be back here the next day for work.

So. I'm at my apartment. By myself. With Curlformers in my hair. For Christmas. Happy birthday, Jesus!!!!!

My plan for tomorrow: 
5am: Beastmode.
6am: Shower and head to auto center.
7am: Be the first person in line at the auto center to get a new tire/tire repair.
8am: Hopefully headed home. Only to come back the next day.

And that was my Christmas.

How was yours??


  1. Awww, this broke my heart to read!! I am so sorry that you didn't get to spend Christmas day with your family, but the time you do get to spend with them, I hope it is wonderful. I hope everything is okay with your car.

  2. Aw, thank you. We've planned to move Christmas to late January. That works for my work schedule and should work for my car as well! Lol.


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