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Sadly, I must give myself a big ole juicy "F-". Not just an "F", but an "F-". I was in no way prepared to start my "No Spend Month Challenge". Last time, I'd (sort of) prepared. Mentally I was ready. I'd handwritten out my daily spending sheet (pictured below) and was ready to go. This time, nothing. I have got to do better. I will try this again later. Like maybe on my next paycheck. Focused. As for now, I will try and mentally monitor my spending. 

*Sidenote: I failed within hours of the challenge beginning! So disappointed in myself. Got sucked in by that stupid >>End of Season sale<< at >>Express<<. Do not click on the link. It will get you. I promise. I promise!!! But... I have to admit. I got the bomb diggity sales that I will just HAVE to share with you guys. Anywho... sidetracked.


On, another note, one of my friends sent me the "52 Week Money Challenge" that is floating around Facebook and Pinterest and I will definitely be getting in on that. It seems very doable. For half of the year, I'm going to TRY and double the amount per week. It would be a blessing to be disciplined enough to do it throughout the whole year. Hm. We'll see. Anywho. Happy saving! (Don't be like me. Ugh!)

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