Yep. I'm doing it all over again. Starting today, Friday, January 4th, 2013. (Wow, 2013, huh?). I would like to  try and go the whole month. That would be very beneficial to my "Pay Off Some Stuff" operation. However, I'm planning to go home for a Christmas/Birthday celebration for two of my siblings later this month. Maybe I'll just cut it for that week. Hm.

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Anywho, I'm ready to start putting a dent in some of my debt. Starting with my store credit cards and my furniture bill. I haven't really come up with a game plan just yet... but I intend to move forward. With something. Yeah.

I'll be going by the same breakdown as before using a budget of $225 for the month.

Week 1: $33.75
Week 2: $45
Week 3: $90
Week 4: $45
Last 3 days: $11.25

So. Are you with me? Let's go. Let's pay off some stuff. Aaaaaaaye!!!!!


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