Aw, we've come full circe. Erica and I first hung out as a duo at last year's Southern Women's Show and this year's event was again attended by our twosome this past Saturday.

While I was "suckered" into a few purchases at last year's event, I had no intentions of being duped this year. Not that the products being displayed weren't any good; some of them... just weren't necessary. While Erica made a few purchases, I mostly was attending for the show of it all.

  Chocolate Shop Chocolate Wine

I don't drink wine and only partake in chocolate when I'm craving it, so I watched Erica experience the "interesting" drink.

 Cutie bartender

 Chocolat by Adam Turoni

 More chocolate for Erica to indulge in.

 I have to admit, they make very creative chocolate pieces.

 I especially liked the artistry of their chocolate lions!

 Stopped by the booth of Chef Orchid Paulmeier, participant of Food Network's STAR and owner of "One Hot Mama's" in Hilton Head, SC to taste some of her sauce with steak tacos. Yuumm.

 Camel brooch? Why the heck not?

 Audrey Hepburn

 "Baptized in Sweet Tea". 'Nuff said.

 Look, Erica. It's "A" at the Breast Cancer Awareness booth. Gasp!!

And if we're both still around next year, I'm sure we'll do it all over again. Aaaaaye!


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