That's what I celebrated last month. Since I missed spending time with my family this past Christmas as I mentioned in >>this post<<, I decided that we would do a mash-up of a Christmas celebration, my older brother's birthday (January 19th), and my older sister's birthday (January 20th). I was only home for two days but it was much needed.

Blouse: NY&Co
Rockstar Jeans: Old Navy
Gold Glitter Loafers: Target (on sale for $9.98)
Leather jacket: Guess

The first day, I planned the Merry Birthday Happy Christmas Day party, decorating half of my sister's living room with Christmas decorations and the other half with birthday decorations. I started the party off with the "Mr. Right, Ms. Left" game. I'd never heard of this game before playing it at >>Erica's Baby Shower<<. The gist of the game is to have all the guests sit in a circle and pass around a gift to the "right" or "left" every time the words "right" and "left" are said as the host reads a story that's heavily filled with the words "right" and "left". Did you follow that last sentence? Whoever has the gift at the end of the story, wins the gift! To add a little twist to the game, I wrote my own story and added an extra gift to the circle that would go around to the left "x" number of times correlating with the number that is read.

Example: Mr. Right left right at 5 o'clock to begin his morning walk.
The party guest would pass the "left/right" gift to the right, then to the left, then to the right. They would pass the "number" gift 5 times to the left.

We had the kids playing along as well. It was hilarious watching the kids get confused and my dad try and keep everyone in order. It was priceless how "into" the game he was. Even with the football game playing in the background!

*Remember to package each gift distinctly so as not to confuse the two as they're going around. I did this by wrapping one gift in birthday wrapping paper and the other in Christmas wrapping paper. Also, when playing the game with coeds, make sure the gifts are neutral such as gift cards to a generally frequented store (WalMart, Target, etc.) or items with colors that are not gender specific (red, black, white, etc.)

 Sunglasses: Express (on sale for $6.99 during their "End of the Season" sale!!!!!)
Earrings: Charlotte Russe
Bracelet: Charlotte Russe
Pocketbook: Aldo

The next game we played was simply a "guess the number I'm thinking of" game. I had separate gifts for a male winner and a female winner.

The last game we played was "Patterson Family Trivia". I'd come up with a number of random questions about each family member. After each question was read aloud, the family member would have 15 seconds to answer the question. My younger brother, who is employed as a middle school basketball referee, kept everyone honest. If they answered the question correctly, the were awarded 1 point; if they answered incorrectly, they were deducted 1 point; if they did not know the answer and did not want to risk losing a point, they could pass the question one time to the left.

To add a twist to this game, after typing out the questions, I cut them into thin strips, rolled them up and placed each inside of a balloon. To pick the question, each child would have to pop a balloon and hand the question to the adult they chose to be teamed with. This allowed the kids to be a part of the game and kept them engaged (instead of going to my niece's playroom and wreaking havoc).

Examples of the trivia questions:

-I am the only member of the Patterson family without a middle name.
Answer: my mom
-I am the oldest girl in the Patterson family. In high school, I was a Pirate (school mascot); in college I was a?
Answer: Bulldog
-I am the oldest boy in the Patterson family. As a child, I unfortunately was in a cast after breaking my (left or right) _________________ (body part) ______________.
Answer: left, wrist

I also threw in a couple of random "Hey, you get 1 point" or "Sorry, deduct  point" balloons just for the heck of it.

This game was an absolute hoot. We enjoyed the heck out of it!! I am kicking myself for not taking any pictures of the party as it is something I would like to have documented. But it was difficult trying to play host and photographer at the same event, so I guess I'll just have to rely on my memory.

On the second day I was there, I planned a family portrait session. It was a bit challenging at times but all in all, it turned out well. Can't wait to show you guys how the pictures turned out!

Merry Birthday Happy Christmas Day was a success! Slanted banner and all.


  1. I absolutely love your game ideas! As I was reading about it, I thought what a great way to get your family together and have a good time!! Love that!!

    Express and NY&Co had some awesome sales! I walked away wit a few items myself :) Loving that NY&Co shirt girlie!

  2. Aw, thanks, Ms. Mika. You have been such a supporter of my blog. I really appreciate it. I'm trying to amp it up again to keep the readers interested ;-).

    I haven't been to NY&Co in a while, but yeah, you really can get some good deals on some cute things there.


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