"Someone will notice you.. soon. And God says to awaken the sleeping giant."
image via www.martktoon.co.uk

These are words that were spoken to me a couple of Sundays ago by Prophet Everett Hall. I was telling Audrey that I kind of laughed about it when he prophesied it. Why? Because those are two things that "Sandria" would definitely have difficulty with. Being noticed? That's not really a comfortable place for me. Yes, I like to do and be creative and express myself, buuuut, I kind of like to be low key with it. Too much attention and expectation of me makes me anxious and nervous. And the giant? Yeah, I know she's in there. God knows too. He put her in there and he's ready for her to come out. 

I feel in this next season, God is trying to do all kinds of things with me to push me into a place I never would have gone on my own but is necessary to get me to where he needs me to go. I'm having a bit of a time letting go and letting God be God in my life, but alas,"Lord, your will be done".


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