First hair challenge from June 2009-June 2010; back during my relaxer days.

I've been in this "I'm an African American woman trying to grow out my hair" game for a while now. I'm no stranger to YouTube. I'm no stranger to the hair boards. And I'm no stranger to hair challenges.  So, when my newly natural friend approached me with a new castor oil challenge, I thought, "Eh, why not? Haven't done one in a while." Now, I've never been really assiduous when it comes to joining and participating in hair challenges. They've always seemed too strict, too tedious, and too demanding for my taste. I have a somewhat "lazy/less is more" type approach to my hair care. When participating in hair challenges that have peaked my interest in the past, I've always just followed along on the sidelines. And that's more than likely what I'll be doing with this one. I won't officially join and do all of the check ins, but I'll somewhat follow along with the process from afar and probably document my progress here. I mean, it is cool to have an update to look forward to; a routine way to monitor progress.

The official challenge start date is Friday, March 1st. Since I am "braided down, weaved up", I won't have an official length photo to start with. I'll have to use some photos I took a couple weeks ago. And I don't have an exact routine of what I'll be doing with said castor oil, but eh, I guess I'll think of something. Happy hair growing!!!


  1. I wish you much success in your hair challenge! I participated in a castor oil challenge last year that lasted for 3 months and I can honestly say that my hair did very well. My hair LOVES castor oil. A lot of people complain of the oil's thickness, but my hair was a huge fan of it and it ensured that my hair staid moisturized for an extended period of time which was good. My hair did grow a great deal and didn't have as much breakage as it did before the start of the challenge.

  2. That's great! I know I've done a castor oil challenge some time in the past. Honestly, don't remember the results. Yeah, I can be a slacker at those kinds of things. Hopefully I'll have great results as well!!

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