I gave you guys a sneak peek of an outfit I'd worn recently to an event in >>this post<<. And I said that I was very excited about attending the event. Sooo, what event was it? Drum roll pleeeease.... it was the Solange Knowles concert in Atlanta!! Y'all know I really dig Solange so this was just a blast for me. I didn't have any time to take pictues of my outfit before the concert because it was cold, we were running late, all of the above. So I just decided to recreate the look when I got home. And since Solange is so fashionably over the top, I absolutely could not present my outfit to you in just words and pictures. I had to go all out.

*Click to watch in 1080p!

Ha! I had sooooo much fun making this video. It was hot. I was sweating. I lost an earring. My heels kept getting stuck in the grass. The neighborhood kids were looking at me funny. I had to take another shower when I got done before going to Bible Study. It was all I could do to keep a straight face and not burst out laughing while outside doing the cheesy background dancer moves. Oh, my God. It was the absolute most. But I had so much fun doing it. So much. Just may have to do it again. Five hours of editing and all!

Blazer: Forever21 (on sale for $15.99 )
Shirt: Forever21
Cropped Zippered Trousers: Forever21 (on sale for $5.99 from their "Sale + Extra 50% off" sale- an instant favorite in my wardrobe)
Patent and Faux Leather Pump: Forever21 (on sale for $6.99 from their "Sale + Extra 50% off" sale)

Bracelets: Express
Necklace: Charming Charlie
Earrings, Rings: Forever21
Sunglasses: Express (on sale for $6.99 from their "End of Season" clearance)
Watch: NY&Co (on sale for $17- buy >>here<<)
Envelope Purse: Aldo

I wasn't able to get any pictures of the singer 1) The picture quality on my phone is no good, and 2) my phone died just as she walked out onto the stage. However, my friend Sharita got these shots of her. I knew the singer would be there with big hair and a funky patterned pants set. So I made sure to show up in mine! Being that we're supposedly twins and all.


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