Couple Sundays ago, after church, Audrey and I hopped in the car and drove four hours to Orlando and four hours back all to see Ms. Alecia Beth Moore, better known as P!NK, in concert. She was amaaaaaazing. To fly through the air, dance like a "G", and pick up a grown man without missing a single note is something to be applauded. I couldn't do it. Well... if you paid me enough...

Anywho, if you get a chance to see her perform in a city near you, I definitely recommend you go. You'll enjoy it.

 Tank top: Target
Shorts: Target
Shirt: Express

Blue Dogtooth tights: Asos outlet (Why am I just now ordering from this super fantabulous website? Click >>here<< to shop.)
Fringed wedge booties: Express
Sunglasses, necklace : Accessorize It (downtown Savannah)
Bracelets: Express
Wristlet: Express


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