That's what a male friend asked me one day. For a split second, I think I got a little bit offended. Like it was a back handed compliment or something. Then I remembered, makeup isn't for guys. It's for girls. It's for one girl to look at another girl and say, "Ooh, where'd you get that lipstick?" or "Who does your lashes?" It's a... a girl thing.

I simply explained to him, that for me, it's fun. It's art. It's painting. It's shading and blending and creating. I feel the same way about a face I've completed as does an artist with a finished painting.

And it's fun! Shoooooot!


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  2. In love with the hair! Details please :-)

  3. Oh, really? Wow. Thanks. It's just some cheap-o synthetic curly hair hair that I have in crochet braids. I didn't do a post on it because I didn't think I would like it and would want to take it down immediately. Oddly enough, I'm kind of digging it. May do a short post talking about it before I take it out. Thank you very much!!!


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