This past weekend, I had one of the best weekends ever.

Friday, around noon, I headed down to Jacksonville, Florida with my friends Sharita and Dominique. Just to get away and chill for the weekend.  We started our trip off by posting a "Dominique, you know better than to fall asleep on a road trip" picture to Facebook. It was a must. In her defense, she had put in 12 hours at the hospital the night before. But so did I.

Our first stop in Jacksonville was to check into the Indigo Hotel. I'd never heard of the Indigo, but it was really a cool and hip spot located in a cool and hip area. Good job, Sharita. After getting settled in the room, we headed out to The Edge Rock Gym. Oooh, it was so much fun. I've done rock climbing before but the rock at this place was huge with up to 8 (I think) levels of difficulty. I am proud to say that all three of us successfully reached the top of the rock at least once. Yeeeeah! That's it. Keep pushing. Don't stop.

Don't be scared, Dominique!!

Go Domo!

Sharita's turn.

First goal reached. Yes!

Uh-oh. Trying for more.
Get it girls.

Hey-oh! Made it to the top!

Almost there.

We did it!

Freakin' Stretch Armstrong. I think he was climbing on the hardest level. They were number and color coordinated.

Woo hooo!!!

Unfortunately, because of shaky cameramen, we weren't able to get clear pictures of each of us at the top, but take my word for it. We all made it! Check and mate.

After rock climbing, it was time to do a little shopping, do a little eating, and call it a night. I specifically wanted to hit up The Avenues mall because with all of my bargain clothes shopping, I have never once gone to the wonderfulness that is H&M. I ended up buying two pair of shoes and a belt. All for under $30. Hey-oh!

Saturday morning, we headed to an indoor gun range, all ready to get our firearm on, only to walk out unfulfilled. Crazy Florida range required you to be a card holdin', gun totin' citizen before you could shoot. Unlike the ranges here in Savannah where you can rent the guns. Oh, wells. On to the next.
Dominique, the nurse of the group, had a very disapproving look on her face as the guy in front of us was there with his gun AND HIS WOUND VAC- a therapeutic vacuum dressing that promotes healing to wounds and burns. Now, he was determined to shoot, no?

Oh, well. Smiles for the camera!

After the bust that was the shooting range, we put on our bathing suits and headed to Jacksonville Beach for some fun in the sun.

That was much needed. Ah! If only the sun was blazing 10 degrees hotter and the wind was nonexistent, I would have been on Cloud 9.

After the beach, we showered up and headed to the St Johns Town Center for some more shopping and dinner. Fortunately, this shopping center was located less than 2 miles from our hotel. I'm telling you, the location of our hotel was ideal. It was a little bit of a drive from downtown but since we weren't planning on going downtown, it was perfect.

Yes, Dominique is in this store trying on jeans over her clothes. Yep.

Out in the parking lot, we spotted a pink limo. Decided we'd parking lot pimp for a minute. Particularly since Dominique called us "Housewives of Savannah" this weekend.

6:45am Sunday morning. 'Twas a great vacation but up and at 'em to make it back to Savannah in time for Sunday School.

I have to tell you. Sunday was awesome. We had three services- Sunday School, Sunday noon service, and a special service Sunday evening in which Pastor Kenneth Law of New Birth Savannah was invited to speak to kick off our Pastor's Appreciation. All three services were awesome and there was a take away from each of them. Usually, I have my pen and pad and try to take notes. That way I can study when I get home and post my TRUTH posts. But the service on yesterday evening, it was not even possible. It was one of those that if you blinked, you missed it. Pen down, pad down. Just listen. I'll have to get the mp3 download in order to go back over all of the on point words that were spoken. But one thing I would like to share with you that resonated so loudly with me was this simple statement:

When I stand, ALL of Heaven stands with me.

Oh, my name for this look was "Beyoncé goes to service" given to me by Dedrick Clark.
Woooooah! How powerful is that? I mean, sometimes I'll say something that's in the Bible. Even if I'm not fully convinced. I'll say it because I know it's God's word. I know it's the promise of God. I'll say it until I start to believe it. I'll say it to increase my faith. I'll say it to oppose what I see. But when you really get it down in your spirit, that when you say what God has spoken, and with confidence know that AAAAALLL of Heaven is backing you up. Oooooh! How much power?! Wow. And this is not just speaking what you want. It's specifically finding out what God has said, speaking it, believing it, and being able to see a whole hosts of angels right there in combat with you. Just ready to go. Oh, my God. Had me thinking, "Maaaan, I ain't scared of nothing!" All I've got to do is say it and believe it and Heaven is on it! Yes! My God is awesome!
Shirt, skirt, earrings, ring: Forever21
Belt: H&M $7
Shoes: Rack Room Shoes
Wristlet: Express
Watch: NY&Co

Sidenote: How's about this? At this very moment, I am waiting for Allstate Roadside Assistance to come pick my car, Marcella, up from my house and tow her to the service station. All of a sudden, she doesn't want to start. Whenever I travel, I always pray that God protects me, keeps me safe, allows me to make it to my destination and back unhurt, unharmed. We prayed over our trip to Jacksonville. Marcella got us there safely, took us all around town, got us back to Savannah, to church, and back to my house. Then. Nothing. She just wouldn't do a thing. Guess she was tired. I dunno. Sounds like something I would do. But how good is my God that he took care of us all throughout the trip? Making sure we had reliable transportation all the way through. And made sure I was in a safe spot, parked in front of my apartment complex, before the car decided to go down. God is in control of every little thing of my life.



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