Chapter 1

5:45 am.

Squinting her eyes, Joan Clarke could barely make out the neon green numbers on the bedside table alarm clock.
"Mmm," she moaned. "It is way too early," as she rolled over and buried her head underneath the covers. However, her attempt to drown out the rhythmic buzz of the blaring alarm proved hopeless as the volume began to increase, intensifying as if it was echoing off the walls of a hollow cave.
"Okay, okay. I hear you," she exclaimed as she lazily reached over to hit the snooze button. "Ten more minutes. Ten. More. Minutes, Monday morning."
Just as Joan was positioning herself to fall back into the cozy groove she'd created for herself in the firm yet soft mattress, she got the eerie sense that she wasn't alone. As if someone was there. With her. Watching her.
"No sudden movements," she thought to herself. With her back still to the probable intruder, Joan slowly reached into the top drawer of the night stand, hoping to find something sharp, something heavy to defend herself. She fumbled around a bit until she felt the dull tip of a fingernail file.
"This will have to do," she thought as she clutched the file in the palm of her hand. For a second, she froze. Maybe she was crazy. Maybe she'd watched one too many Lifetime movies. Maybe... either way, she knew she had to be ready. For whatever was about to happen. If anything happened.
With one quick movement, she jumped out of bed and faced the doorway.
"Ah!" she exclaimed, startled that someone was actually standing there. Someone she didn't know. A tall, dark man with sad eyes. Standing on the other side of the bed. Wearing nothing but a pair of dress slacks and an undershirt.
"I don't know who the heck you are or what you're doing here but you have exactly one second to leave before I call the police!" Joan shrieked, pointing the fingernail file at the tall, dark man.
"I am serious!" she exclaimed as he stood watching her with his sad eyes.
"Leave! Leave now!" Panting and shaking, Joan clumsily reached for the telephone on the night stand knocking over both the clock and a glass of water sitting next to it.
The tall dark man began to walk towards Joan.
"Take another step and I will kill you." said Joan as she inched her way towards the bathroom behind her.
"Joan. Joannie." said the tall dark man. "It's okay."
"I will kill you. I swear! I will kill you!" shrieked Joan.
The tall, dark man was now within steps of Joan. He made one quick motion and grabbed her, squeezing her firmly against his chest.
"It's okay, Joan." he said. His voice. It was deep. It was authoritative. It was soothing. For a brief moment, Joan almost allowed herself to take comfort in his voice. As if she knew it.
"No!" she screamed as she began to fight back. "No!" Isn't that what they tell you to do in self defense class? Scream "no" at the top of your lungs? Surely one of the neighbors would hear her cry for help and call the cops.
"Nooooo!" she yelled as she flung her fist at the tall, dark man striking him repeatedly on his chest. At one point she'd managed to pull her other hand free, and flailing wildly, grazed his bottom lip with the fingernail file drawing blood.
"Joannie!" he exclaimed pulling her body in closer to him. "It's okay. You're okay."
Joan, still fighting with all her might, began to get lightheaded. The room started to spin. Darkness.
"No," she cried weakly. "No..." With a final burst of energy, Joan swung once more at the tall, dark man. He caught her hand in mid air.
"Joannie, you're okay. It's me. It's Matthew. Your-" he said softly. Joan once again seemed to take solace in the tall, dark man's warm, strong voice. She sunk into his hold as her body went limp. There was no more fight in her as she fell into complete blackness.

The alarm clock that had been knocked onto the floor, suddenly jolted into action as if someone had summoned it. Blaring with increasing volume as if it was echoing off the walls of a hollow cave.

Monday morning.
5:55 am.


  1. So I love this!! It's Lex approved!! Can't wait for the next chapter, post, whatever!! Just post it already, anticipation of what's next is killing me!! LOL

  2. Ha ha. Thanks Lex. That's actually all I have right now. Well, it's all that I have written. The remainder of it is just an idea in my head. With a number of twists and turns that I'm sure you'd appreciate. I do plan on doing more with it though. Stay tuned!

    Side note- I didn't know you liked to read fiction.

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  4. Yes Sandria!!!! Have I ever mentioned how much I love my talented and creative friends?!?!? I want to know who Matthew is.... What's really going on here?!?! Ddont keep me in suspense for too long!!!! I love it Great Job!!!


  5. Lol! Thanks, Sharita. It's in the works. Oh, and thanks for providing the inspiration, Joan!!!!!


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