My weekend was rather chill. On a rainy Friday night, I stayed in and began a sewing project I'd been wanting to do for forever. I was also able to finally satisfy a sushi craving I'd been having for the past two days (the sushi joints here tend to have odd business hours). While the rest of Savannah was out and about, hustling and bustling, dodging puddles of rain, my quiet evening at home of "Sushi & Sewing" was just what I needed.

Saturday, I had the wonderful opportunity of both photographing and doing the makeup for one of the darling senior girls from my church. She was in need of a few images to place on her high school graduation invitations. Now usually after a shoot, I come home with a solemn feeling of dread and defeat and disappointment. Either in the flow of the shoot and/or the product (that "doubt" demon sure tries to ride me haaard). But after the shoot on Saturday, I was pleased. Pleased with how perfect the scenery was. Pleased with how quickly we were able to spot out picturesque locations. Pleased with how energetic and prepared she was as the model. Pleased with how the photos turned out. Pleased with how much we accomplished in just the barely three hours we spent together from the first bit of foundation that was applied to the last snap of my camera. I was just overall pleased.

Sidebar: I heard a preacher recently define the word "blessed" as being fully satisfied. According to this definition, Saturday afternoon's makeup session and photo shoot was blessed!

That experience provided me with the confidence boost I needed to propel me into the next project. Whatever that may be. As far as post processing of the photos, there really isn't much I will have to do. By my standards, the photos are, well, I think they're good enough to present as is. I'm hopeful that I will have her photos up and ready to be viewed on my photography website by the middle of the week. Gotta get those invitations out. And I hope to have this garment ready to wear pretty soon as well.

Being productive feels good.

*Still haven't shot Pastor and First Lady Jackson. They informed me that they would need to reschedule.


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