Mixing prints. One of the fashion trends that I really adore. Unless you're going for the really over the top, avant garde, in your face type of print mixing, you want to follow a simple formula in order to get it right every time. The key to it, is not wearing multiple overpowering prints simultaneously. One print should be the bigger, bolder more dominant print while the other should be the smaller, simpler, more subtle almost muted print. The latter of the two basically acts as a neutral. While the colors don't have to be identical, try and stick with the same color scheme. This also assists in the neutrality of the less dominant print. For everyday wear, keep shoes, bags, and accessories toned down as well. You already have one star of the show. No need for more.

Shirt: Express
Pants: Forever21
Shoes: Target
Watch: NY&Co
Rings: Forever21
TOUGH cuff: Birthday gift
Goat skin bag: Vendor from Southern Women's Show 2012


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