I've mentioned before that one of my favorite pastimes is crafting- painting, sewing, designing, CREATING! Haven't done it in a while but it was such a relief to finally have time to get back to it. I recently made a few gifts for some friends for Mother's Day and I decided I'd share the projects with you all. Hope you like!

Let me state, this DIY Homemade Sugar Scrub was not my own idea. I used the tutorial for this project from  >>this website<<. Whenever I follow other people's ideas or tutorials for a particular project, I don't do it to create an exact copy. I simply use them as inspiration and guides. Hopefully I am able to offer my readers the same. Happy crafting!

You will need

For the recipe:
-mixing bowl
-mixing spoon
-measuring cup/spoon
-(3) cups of white sugar
-(1) cup + (2) Tbsp of extra virgin olive oil (That's what the original recipe listed. I think I ended up using a bit more oil to make sure all of the sugar was moistened)
-(10) drops of essential oil per jar (I used peppermint oil, grapefruit oil, and lavender breeze oil)

*The essential oils can be purchased at health food stores. The lavender breeze is an essential oil blend and can be purchased at craft stores. The blend is not pure and is cheaper than the pure essential oils.

-In the mixing bowl, combine both the sugar and the oil.
-Mix well.
-Divide equal portions of the sugar/oil mixture into three different bowls.
-Place 10 drops of your chosen oil into each bowl.
-Mix well.

*I used more or less drops of oil depending on how strong the scent was.

For the containers
-(3) jars
-your choice of color coordinating scrapbook paper
-curling ribbon
-hole punch
-fine tip Sharpie
-Modge podge
-sponge or paint brush
*All supplies for the containers can be purchased at craft stores.

*Lay cardboard down to use as a work station- the modge podge can get pretty messy.
*Have damp towel on hand for quick clean up of the modge podge. 

-(Loosely) measure around the top of your container onto your scrapbook paper and cut it out.
-Fold the cut out paper over the top and press down firm enough to create an outline of its shape.
-Cut small slits around the edge of the paper up to the imprint of the top. This helps to lay the paper edges down.
-Apply modge podge to the top of the top and to the paper.
-Place the paper firmly on the top and press down smoothing out bubbles and wrinkles.
-Place modge podge around the edge and on the slits and firmly press down to fully cover the top of your container.

I ended up cutting the slits shorter since I only wanted them to just cover the very top of the the container.

Directions (cntd).
-Using another of the color coordinating pieces of scrapbook paper, cut out a rectangle for the label. (For round jars, cut an oval label instead of a rectangle).
-Place modge podge on the back of the rectangle and firmly press it onto the jar. 
-After it is in place, brush modge podge over the surface of the paper as well.
-Using your choice of color coordinating scrapbook paper (preferably a solid color), cut a smaller rectangle. (Again, if your jar is round, cut an oval). 
-Write the name and scent of the scrub onto this rectangle and apply in the center of the rectangle your already placed using modge podge. 
-After the rectangle label is in place, apply a coat of modge podge over the top of the label.

The modge podge looks white and streaky when wet but dries clear.

Directions (cntd).
-Using your choice of scrapbook paper, cut a rectangle large enough to fold in half and write on.
-Fold the rectangle and punch a hole in the upper left corner.
-Write a little meaningful ditty inside describing the product.
-Using color coordinating ribbon, attach it to your jar.

Directions (cntd).
-After filling your jars with the sugar scrub, wrap with shiny tissue paper (Purchased mine from one of my all time faves- The Dollar Tree).
-Cut another small rectangle, hole punch, and write in your "To" and "From" label to place on the outside of the package.
-Tie the tissue paper and label with curling ribbon and curl the ends to present a beautiful package to a very special someone!


Let me know what you think! But please be nice. Being negative is just no fun. K?