Please disregard all the extra in the background.

I've completed my first wearable item- a polka dot high low skirt. I love it! I took pictures as I went along in order to post my step by step process. Not sure if I will actually post it though. Even with wording, it may be kind of hard to follow. But, making the skirt was actually quite simple. I used >>this tutorial<< to cut my fabric. This particular tutorial is showing how to make a high low peplum top, however, to make a skirt, you use the same process. Just add more length.

Few things to note, if using the video to make this skirt
  1. Make sure you have the desired length for your skirt on your salvaged end when folded. I think I used 40" to make my skirt high waisted and I am 5' 2 1/2".
  2. If using a stretch fabric, follow the exact tutorial. If using non stretch fabric, as I did, measure the widest part of your bottom (hips), add 1" and divide by 2 to get the number of inches you will use to cut out your waist opening. This ensures that you are able to slide the skirt over your hips.
  3. Also, if using non stretch material, add an elastic waistband using >>this tutorial<<. The actual waistband part begins at the 2:40 mark.
And there you go! I have a trip coming up in a couple weeks and I am determined to sew at least one item to wear during the trip. Since I don't have much time before we leave, and I'm working quite a bit between now and then, this just may have to be the piece. Although I was considering pairing it with a blue top and wearing it for the 4th of July. Either way, I really like it. Can't wait to style it! And the best part is, I think it may have cost me all of $4 to make using discounted fabric from Joann's. Y'all know I dig a bargain! 

Be on the lookout for more sewing projects from me. Because you know that's what I do. I sew.


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