A couple of weeks ago, I decided it was time for something new. My color I'd applied last year (or maybe it was the year before) was starting to grow out and my head was just screaming for some more excitement. I came across this hair color system from Shea Moisture on YouTube and decided "Why the heck not?"
image via www.kinkycurlycoilyme.com

First thoughts: "$14.99 for some store bought hair color? Pfft!"
Yeah, y'all know me. I don't ball out like that. But. Since I'd already had my mind set on getting it, I gave in and paid for the name. 

Second thought: One container isn't enough to adequately cover my whole head from root to tip.
My hair is pretty thick and it's about shoulder length. In order to really get all over color, I would definitely have needed a second box. But at $14.99 a pop, I decided against it. I made sure to cover my ends and the front of my hair as much as possible and just went with that.

Third thought: I found this color system to be a bit drying.
However, that could have been my fault. I did leave the product on my hair longer than the recommended time- 15-20 minutes longer than recommended. Oops. My bad. I covered it with not only a plastic shower cap but a heating cap as well. I hoped the provided conditioner would bring back some of the moisture to my hair. I felt it did an okay job. Could have been better. Since the initial application, I've been able to moisturize my hair properly through other conditioners and moisturizers.

Loooove my 'fro!

Fourth thought: Pretty good color results.
The parts of my hair where I was able to apply a sufficient amount of product from root to tip actually got color results that I was pleased with. And as far as reds go, there hasn't been an alarming amount of bleeding all over my sheets, pillowcases, and clothing. Pretty pleased with that as well.

Would I use this system again?
Uh, for the price, probably not. I didn't see that it had anything more than any of the other much cheaper at home hair color systems. Other than the nifty little packaging it came in. You saw it >>here<<. I was much impressed with that. Will be recycling and using that little drawstring baggy for other uses.

-cute packaging (ha!)
-good color results
-little color bleeding afterwards

-too expensive
-not enough product
-seemed to be a bit drying
-the conditioner isn't very moisturizing

Overall, I really dig my new look!


Let me know what you think! But please be nice. Being negative is just no fun. K?