I tend to get uninterested in it. Shrug.

Either I wish it was longer.. 
image via www.chimeedwards.com

Or shorter..
image via www.thebrownfacebee.onsugar.com

I don't like my curl pattern..

image via http://www.naturallynaledi.com

I wet set it but it doesn't have enough time to dry, resulting in a big afro ball..

I don't feel like maintaining the style..
image via instagram.


Yeah, alla that. The list goes on and on. If my hair isn't in some fancy weaved up style or I'm not sporting a wig, I usually end up going with my uniform style- a headband and a bun.

But it is high time that I break that routine. While I will probably still wish that my hair was a little more this and a little less that, it's actually now at a place where I really like it. I like the length, the thickness, my new color that I showed you >>here<< whoo hoo! So. I'm going to challenge myself to wear it out more. To actually style it, I mean. Lately I've been inspired by one of my favorite YouTubers/bloggers, Ambrosia Malbrough, who has impeccable style and it's time for me to pull out the hair products and get to gettin'. Here's to hoping I can be creative enough to get the gettin' going before I get bored and give in to headbands and buns once again.

Hope this rain doesn't kill my vibe.


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