1. A Pencil Skirt.
I'm a firm believer in identifying what works for you and sticking with it. I find that for my petite, slightly curved, proportionally thick thighed figure, a pencil skirt with heels is quite possibly one of the most flattering looks I can adorn myself with. And because I know this, I stick with it. Maybe even over abuse it at times. You will see me in the ocassional maxi. Probably never in the ever so popular mini. But my all time, number one choice to accentuate the positives is my beloved, tried and true, knee length pencil ditty.

2. A Dope Headpiece.
This could be a hat, a cap, a head wrap. If you really want to get technical, even a wig! A multi colored head wrap could easily turn a monochromatic outfit into a head turner just as quickly as a tomboyish baseball cap can turn a feminine look into an "around the way" chic.

2. A Statement Piece.
Oftentimes when speaking of a statement piece, it's generally accepted that one is referring to a massive, colorful, maybe even gaudy necklace. I think it can be anything that's bold and pops. A bright red shoe, a neon colored belt, a sparkly green necklace. As solid and as simple as they are, the bold, in your face, attention commanding pieces really spice up an outfit and take it from "Yeah" to "Ooooh, yeah!" Just remember, a statement piece is just that. It makes a statement. If you're wearing too many at one time, they'll all be competing for the spotlight and result in chaos. After you've chosen your statement piece of choice, keep everything else relatively simple.

4. Cigarette Pants.
Oh, how I love thee. In solid colors or a vibrant print. They take me back to the classic styles of yesteryear worn by former First Lady Jackie O, Mary Tyler Moore, Audrey Hepburn and Lucille Ball. These women were able to pull off this casual chic look so effortlessly. Currenlty, our lovely First Lady Michelle Obama is working them to a "T" as does the pocket sized Janelle Monae. They are truely a timeless piece. Dressed up or down, with stiletos or a cute flat, the cigarette pant is a definite win in my book. Because there is nothing new under the sun, and what was once old is now new, the cigarette pant has been reincarnated as the skinny jean. Therefore, I'll include them here as well.

5. Juxstaposition.
This is not an actual item. It's more of a style. Taking two items from totally different worlds and marrying them together can create a wonderful ensembel. If done right. Feminine heels with boyish cargo shorts. Cool kid sneakers with a ladylike skirt. Leather and studs with a sundress. Yeah. Alla that.

6. A Small Handbag.
I entitled this list my top 5 just because it sounds legit and streamlined. But I honestly could not be true to myself if I left this one out since it is so prevalent in my everyday style. The small handbag. Large hobo bags came onto the scene hard some years back and they have not left. Trendy as they are and as great as they look, I just can't get with it. A wristlet, small purse, or wallet is definitely my bag of choice.

Honorable mentions

*COLOR!!!- self explanatory.
*Heels- wedges, stilettos, platforms; Yeah, alla that. What girl could live without?
*High waist pants and skirts- they can hide a multitude of midsection sin.
*Wide leg trousers- a beautiful ode to the bell bottomed 70s.
*Fashionable flats- comfortable and cute. Win.
*Costume jewelry (I'd honestly like to make this #7; pretty, inexpensive, eye catching, trendy- I could go on and on about how wonderful costume jewelry is to my personal style.
*Figure flattering outerwear- blazers, coats, cardigans. When designed to fit your figure, these pieces go from functional items of warmth to hot! hot! hot!
*Cool eyewear- Unless it's raining, snowing, or hailing, I am probably wearing a cool pair of sunglasses.
*Variety- Switch that look up girl! Monotony gets boring.

After I've adorned myself with all of these fashionable goodies, I make sure I do not leave the house without a touch of Modesty. This is something that is sooooo essential to my personal style. Modesty is relative. Some may think my style is too revealing, while others may insist that I don't show enough. It varies from person to person. My gold standard of modesty is to never show all of my extremities at once. If I'm showing a tad bit more leg (which is hardly ever), my arms are covered. If I'm going strapless, the length on the bottom is longer. I tend to feel a bit... "cheap" if I'm wearing short and strapless or tight and low cut (what if I did that all at once? Yikes!). I like to leave a little to the imagination. Not show it all. If I put on an article of clothing, albeit a cute one that I am working to the max, and I feel too exposed, you can bet your last buck it will be a "no go". I have to be comfortable in what I'm wearing. And confident in that it is cute but won't get me a proposition to make a quick $20 if you catch my drift.

So! Those are "My Top 5" 6, 7, 8.. 12... 15 "Fashion Must Haves". What are yours? Do tell!


Let me know what you think! But please be nice. Being negative is just no fun. K?