Not like a "for real, all out" diet. We're just going on an "eat a little better" diet. Nothing too strict.

 Our diet restrictions:
-no red meat (basically pork or beef)
-no sugar (as in cakes, cookies, doughnuts)
-only drink water
-only "healthy snacks" (no chips, candy bars, etc)
 *I'm adding in no fried foods for myself

That's it. Everything else is pretty fair game. We started Monday and we'll go to next Wednesday (because Ashley, who initiated the diet, said she's definitely eating ribs July 4th). I think it's a good thing so far. It's all about changing habits. Training yourself. Being disciplined. Making a lifestyle change. That's why I think this is good for us. We're not cutting everything indefinitely cold turkey. We're taking baby steps and setting realistic goals. I like it. I like this little diet. I've been taking pictures of my meal choices. Once we're done, I'll post them all. For myself just as much as for you all.


Let me know what you think! But please be nice. Being negative is just no fun. K?