Just getting back in town. Went home this past weekend for my Ten Year High School Reunion. One time for the Class of '03!! Whoop, whoop!! It was so great seeing all my old classmates and catching up. It was like we didn't miss a beat. Jumped right back into joking and clowning around like we always used to do. It was really fun. Surprisingly enough, I DIDN'T GET ANY PICTURES. I mean, I had my camera, and yes, I am a photographer and blogger, but honestly I was more interested in enjoying the moment than shooting it. Sue me. However, one of my classmates did have his camera. I told him to post his pictures as soon as possible so I could "steal" them. I'll post 'em then. And credit him of course. I mean, I am a blogger with integrity.

*Shocked beyond belief that they voted me as "The Person Who's Changed the Most".
Say whaaaaaat?!? Lol.
*Special thanks to my big sis for photographing me here!!

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Oh, and special thanks to my classmate, Shenika Shepard.
She told me she reads the blog. >>Blush<<


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