The very next day, following my ten year high school reunion, I had to head back home to Savannah for my Pastor's Appreciation. I was sooo disappointed that I got there a bit late, particularly because I have been officially asked by the Pastor to be the church's photographer. He asked me, along with Audrey (writer and photographer), to put out a monthly newsletter. And he informed me that my job was very important to the ministry. Remember all that validation I was needing in order to feel it was okay for me to actually shoot events at church? Well, guess I got it.

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So, I get to church a bit late, and headed up to the balcony to take photograph the event. I've only ever taken pictures from either side of the church at the front. Since I was late and didn't want to cause a disturbance, I thought the balcony would be the best place for me to shoot; at the top by myself where I'd be "out of sight" and not cause a scene by having to step over people. All late and whatnot. I kind of dug photographing the event from the top. It added another viewpoint to my shooting that I'd not experimented with before. There were a few blind spots there and my view was a little limited at times, but overall, I think I liked it. For the sake of variety.

After church was over, we were mingling amongst ourselves and the visiting church, New Birth Savannah. Whenever we congregate with New Birth, it's always like family, but still, when one of their members approached me and said she'd wanted to meet me, I was like, "Yeeeees.." Not really sure what the meeting was about. Well. She informed me that she was the photographer for New Birth and she'd noticed me taking photos up in the balcony (although I tried to remain as unseen as possible- with that loud green jacket on, lol). She let me know that she admired the viewpoint I was shooting from which I took with a huge smile. Um, thanks, blush. She then handed me her card and said she'd love to get together with me sometime to shoot things, try out things, etc. Loves a challenge. I thought, "How cool is that?" Family helping family. I can dig it.

As we were talking, Audrey came over and handed her business card (freelance writer) to New Birth's photographer, Michelle. That's when I had an aside with myself. I should have a business card. For what? I mean, yeah, my talents and brand are all over the place right now (photographer, writer, makeup artist, blogger, etc). Haven't really streamlined it yet into one specialty. But still, all of the really good bloggers I follow, have business cards. A way to network and allow others to see what they're doing. It's not a bad idea. I really need to get some made. And go from there. Yeeeeah..

Thanks to my big sis and niece for photographing me here.
And I'm back. Yeah, God is good. The connection that our church has with their church and the way we're able to put our hearts and minds and talents together all to make God's name great is amazing to me. I can't wait to see what will be manifested out of this union. It remains to be seen just how awesomely God wants to work in our lives. Ready to let God be God!

I would be remiss if I didn't throw this in. As my sister and niece were photographing my look Sunday afternoon, my niece had to go throw on her "loud shoes" which is what she calls heels, and model for the camera like her Auntie Meka. Oh, my God. This child is too funny to me. Work!


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