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I'd like a moment of your time to share this thought I had. Concerning the Trayvon Martin case and verdict. I pray this post is received with open hearts and open minds and that it blesses all who read it. 
This post was hard for me to write, but I know it was necessary.

July 13, 2013
As I was waiting in the Cardiovascular ICU for a critical patient to come and be put on life support, I received a couple of text messages from friends. They were informing me that the verdict of "not guilty" had just been handed down, clearing George Zimmerman of a 2nd degree murder charge in the Trayvon Martin case. My heart dropped. That verdict didn't seem.. just. But I had little time to think on it, as I was informed that my patient was en route.

As I stood waiting, a Caucasian medical resident walked into the room. "Oh, they've come up with a verdict?" he asks. "Yes. Just now," I said. "Not guilty." "Oh," he said. "I figured." Nodded at me and walked out of the room.

"I figured," was all he said. Not really sure why he said that. Was he saying there wasn't enough evidence to justly convict George Zimmerman? Was he saying the prosecution didn't do an adequate job at presenting their case? Was he saying the justice system is so obviously and unjustly flawed? I don't know what he meant by it. And I didn't have much time to think on it as my patient was being wheeled in the door at the very moment.

As the newly admitted patient was stabilized, and the hustle and bustle of the ICU slowed down, I had time to think. A thought crossed my mind. The thought was this:

"What if we forgave George Zimmerman for killing Trayvon Martin?"

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I realize right now that a lot of you will call "b.s." on this and hit the little "X" in the upper right corner. I realize that this thought is not going to be the most popular amongst a lot of people. A lot of black people. But it came to me so strongly that I felt the need to share. Now, please do not think that I am in any way minimizing the fact that George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin. Please do not think that I am being heartless and inconsiderate towards Trayvon Martin's family, friends, and anyone grieving his death. My heart goes out to them. My prayers as well. I pray for their strength, their peace of mind, and that they continue to fight the good fight of faith even in such a hateful and unjust world.

I wish upon no man, the pain of having their loved one taken away in such an unfair and untimely manner. But because we live in such a cruel and evil world, we know that this does happen. This thought I just brought before you, is concerning what happens next. 

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We, as black people, often times say things like, "Only God can judge me," and "God knows my heart," and "God fights my battles," and as Kandi Burruss says "I stay prayed up," and so on and so forth. And, yes, this is true. God does all those things for us. But it's not a one way street. We have to do something for God. 

God has called for us to forgive. This is not an option. It is a mandate. Oftentimes we say that we're praying for one another. We're praying that God keeps us protected, and praying that God helps and strengthens us, and praying that God forgives us as we commit offense after offense. And this is all good. We are to pray without ceasing. But the Bible also states in Mark 11:25, that in order for God to forgive us, we must first forgive those who have wronged us. Oooooh, now that's hard. Forgive George Zimmerman? Really? Are you kidding? Why would we forgive George Zimmerman? He killed an innocent, young child who had not even begun to know what life is. He stole a precious life all in the name of trying to become the celebrated neighborhood rent-a-cop. How is it even humanly possible to fix my lips at night to say, "..and God, watch over George Zimmerman. Forgive him for all his faults"?

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But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;- Matthew 5:44

There it is. In black and white. God has told us to forgive. And the only way we can forgive is through his love. And as we love and as we forgive, God is able to do the same for us. If we can't do that for others, is it reasonable to ask God to readily forgive us in return?

Now I know throughout this whole post, it seems as if I have been going hard for George Zimmerman, completely neglecting the reality that BLACK MEN ARE UNFAIRLY TARGETED AND TREATED IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I totally agree with this. Not all of them to the same degree. But for those that look, dress, or seem a certain way, society has very little acceptance. Let me interject here to say, that I HATE the 'gangster' look- grills, sagging pants, unkempt hair. Alla that. I hate to see it. But that look does not deserve judgement. And I sympathize with black men because I know that is sometimes how they are approached and received. With judgement. I love black men. I mean, I loooooove black men. Possibly because my daddy is a black man. And my brothers are black men. So because I love black men, and I can agree that they have it hard, I pray for them. I hope this doesn't come off racially insensitive, as I do pray for the well being of all mankind. But I just have to pray an extra prayer for black men. It is necessary in order for our black men to stand firm when they are persecuted for "living while black".

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I pray for my black father, Marvin Patterson, Sr. Although you have done all you can to create a good life for me and my siblings, raising us up in the love of God, I pray that you continues to press towards the mark and not let "life" cause you to lose hope. That you do not get worn out as you do the will of God knowing that soon God will reward you greatly for all you've done.
-Galatians 6:9

I pray for my black older brother, Marvin, Jr. that when life puts you in a hard place; when you are thrown into a situation where everything is going against you, and it only makes sense to give up, I pray that you stand firmly in God. Know above anything else, that God is with you. Always, always, ALWAYS with you. Stand on this so strongly and people will be amazed at how God brings you out. Every time.
-Daniel 3:12-30

I pray for my black younger brother, Melvin, that you are mighty and you are strong in God. I pray that your faith is increased so that you know this. Nothing can take you down. Nothing! And it's not because you are so great, but because the God that is in you, is.
-Isaiah 54:17

I pray for my black nephews, Jecarri and DeMarley. Oooh, God. These young, innocent boys. Before life has a chance to harden their hearts, before "society" tries to tell them they are less than, before discrimination tries to convince them that they are not worthy, I pray that they know who they are. That they know that they are precious gifts from God. That they are wonderful! And that God cares so dearly for them. I pray that, as little as they are, they know that God actually spends time thinking about them. And that, regardless of what anyone thinks of them, God's thoughts are the only thoughts that matter.
-Psalm 139:14, Jeremiah 29:11 (NLT) 

I pray for my black male cousins, too many to name, that wherever you are, God's angels will protect you. Even the things that should take you out, can't.  I pray that you know who God is, that he, the creator of Heaven and earth, is your help. That you can put your trust in him.
-Psalm 91:11-12(NLT), Psalm 121:1-2

I pray for the black sons (and nephew) of some of my closest friends- Kameron, Aiden, Mehki, Jeremy, Kingston, Jaxon, Ethan, Naje, and Nasir. Ooooh, you wonderful black boys of God! The Bible says that what we decree shall be established. I decree that your mothers and your fathers (and aunt) teach you the truth of God. I pray that you silly, energetic boys hide the truth in your hearts and never forget. This will cause your lives to be long and fulfilling.
-Job 22:28, Proverbs 3:1-2(NLT)

I pray for my black spiritual father, Pastor Jackson. God has charged you with such a big task as leading the Faith on the Move International Ministries family. Because of this, we know the devil will try and do any and everything to hinder this. For this reason, I pray that God gives you a great spirit of wisdom, and knowledge, and understanding to lead the FOTMIM family. I pray that he gives you boldness to speak what he says, without fear or reservation because your ministry is greatly needed in this area and at this time.
-Isaiah 11:2Ephesians 6:19

I pray for all my black male friends. Not going to name all you knuckle heads, but because you are my friends and I care for you, I pray that you are surrounded with other friends who love and care for you as well. I pray that you will choose, wisely, those who you allow in your lives. That their intentions are pure and that mutually, you will be able to help each other and hold each other up as I endeavor to do for you. I pray that our friendships grow in patience, understanding, and love for one another. Lastly, my prayer is simply thanking God for you. We can't make it in this life alone.
-Proverbs 13:20, James 1:19(NLT), Genesis 2:18

Lastly, I pray for ALL black men. That you will let God lead you and guide you. That you will be the head and not the tail. That even after you've done all you can, that you will continue stand.
-Deuteronomy 28:13, Ephesians 6:13

Because of the revelation from the "thought" I had, I know it is impossible for me to take all of these prayer requests to God and expect him to fulfill them, if I can't be obedient in my prayer time, and with the love and the humility of my savior, Jesus Christ, also say,

"Lord, forgive George Zimmerman. He didn't know what he was doing."- Luke 23:34

*Edited to add, forgiveness doesn't mean excusing.
One definition says "to cease to feel resentment against".


  1. I love this post. It is so easy to get angry and stay angry. It takes a big person to forgive even when we know that the person was in the wrong. God told us to forgive so that we may be forgiven. Forgiveness is for us, not the other party involved. If we as a ppl want to make a difference then we most become involved with our communities. We first my put an end to black on black violence. We kill and hurt our community more than any other race does.

    I don't agree with the verdict either. I believe that wrong is wrong but there is nothing that we can do to venture the conviction. We must continue to pray for one another, our leaders, our friends, those who we come in contact with on a daily and for those in our future.

  2. Amazing of course...did I mention it brought on the tears...and I'm at work..mannnn. You are truly blessed by GOD to have a voice to encourage and enlighten others in many aspects! Love you!

  3. Thank you so much. You are absolutely right.

  4. Oh, wow. Are you serious, Lex? I am truly humbled by that. Seriously. More than you even know. Thank you.

  5. Very Well said and thought through...

  6. Very Well said and thought out. I agree 100%. I feel that we only have our voice to speak out, non-violent protest to act out. But I wish the conditions were better.

  7. My thoughts exactly, Amber.


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